Three days to go. 

Who do I meet, who do I not meet, what to keep, what to leave, what to remember, what to forget... everything is a question mark.

As we live everyday we create so many memories that get attached to each thing, cloth, person, and road. While we pass from one day to another we don't realize the amount of memories we are filling our minds and homes with. At least I never realized. And now, each of these are dancing in front of my eyes. Wrapping them all in a bag of thirty Kgs? You got to be kidding me. 

Eleven years ago, I did this for the first time. I wrapped my childhood in a bag and shifted my life in a new city. Hence this is not new to me. However, then I was sure I was going home soon. Then I knew that this is just a phase. And two years later I did return home. But by then I realized I had outgrew my home. The place was home only in my mind and it didn't match the reality. Home had shifted from being a place to people. My parents became my home. And when we shifted to a new city again, this time, I was not dreaming of my old home every night. 

So what is different this time? Uncertainty. This makes everything different. I don't know what is going to happen next, where is life going to take me, what is waiting for me, and how will things be. But that's the best as well as the worst part. Till then, I am trying to wrap my life in thirty kgs and waiting for tomorrow to be today with bated breath.




  1. Short and sweet post. This is exactly how I felt when I left for USA and subsequently, when my parents left for Mangalore. I felt very sad for few days as the bigger part of my 26 years of life was going away. But isn't that what is called life? Changing, as life changes. It is all for good...

    1. Yes, it is all for good. And I am replying after 2 months because I wanted to mean it when I say it :)

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  3. Very interesting and powerful topic.


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