July 30, 2014


Picture - Ezekiel Gonzalez | Words - Carlos E. Lang

There are times when everyone around you questions your decision. Some support, some don't. How many times would you explain your need even when you are not liable to explain anyone anything? But you do because while you are reassuring them, you are reassuring yourself. Because we all love our comfort zone. The warm and cozy corner that provides the cover of security, even stability sometimes. Jumping out of it is a nightmare waiting to happen. Though that's where Carlos's words come in the picture. And right now, they are telling me that I will see this through as this is a risk I am willing to take.


July 27, 2014


As designers, illustrators, artists, graphic designers, and other professionals operating in the field of design, we are often asked to work our magic and make things look good. We are expected to spruce things up so that they appeal visually and thus become sell-able. 

http://cathysquarepants.deviantart.com/art/steve-jobs-quotes-274490749 However, there is so much more to design than just making things look good. And thankfully, the market is warming up to this fact. When a product is introduced in the market today, it needs to be designed in such a way that it balances performance, aesthetics, and value. And this is applies to every thing from art frames to electronics. But cars? Honestly, I never gave them a thought. I love bikes more than I love cars but love them nonetheless. Yes, I have appreciated the way a model looks, even drooled over some but have never digged in more about their designs like I do with electronics. And I can safely say (without exaggerating) that I was blown away by the extent of thought that goes into designing a car when I had a chat with the Chief Designer - Sandeep Karyakarte & Chief Engineer - Anand Kulkarni

The Process

So what goes into designing a car? Apart from the basics that include sketching the customer, studying their preferences, listening to their conservations, keeping a tab on the competition, the designers have a free reign to go wild and let their minds wander  to come up with their expression of the car. And don't we designers love a brief with no restrictions! 

Courtesy - Team BHP
Courtesy - Team BHP
Sketch, re-sketch, sketch, re-sketch keeping the product team's brief in mind leads to 50-100 sketches for a single model. Phew, extensive. And just the start. Enter the engineers, car experts, management, product team, and more, who together make zillion changes based on the ergonomics, expected performance, and aesthetics, to make their life difficult and customer's live easier. From 100 to cut down to 'One go to model beats any amount of forth and back that I do in advertising! That's my cue to shut my mouth forever and never crib again. 

From 2D to 3D

Enter scale modelers, clay modelers, graphic designers, 3D artists along with zillion times forth and back with the engineering team. The design finally sees shape in a one third scale model. Which is then remodeled while world wars are fought between design and engineering to reduce milometers from the design. Finally, it is time for the actual scale model to be transformed into the final product. 

The Zest Experience 

Courtesy - Rukmini Roy Kadam aka Trumatter
The design of this car is motion even when it is stationary. It makes a lot of difference to see the final product after you have heard its complete design process. The cuts, lines, curves, and feel makes so much more sense. The ergonomics, interiors, and build speak to you and make you realize there is much more to car designing than sketching a simple model and fitting an engine into it. And this is just about the design, add interiors, engineering, features, technology, a class engine, and more and you have a huge task on hand. But the design team definitely has given me enough insight into their design process and I no longer feel I have the toughest job in the world. 

Some thanks are due...
Special thanks to the Blogadda team who made this interaction happen. :) Cheers to you and keep up the amazing work. 


July 14, 2014


What is right and what is wrong? Or is it always that during a difference of opinion, one is absolutely right and the other is absolutely wrong? Then again, what is absolute right and what constitutes absolute wrong? And why is it that we have a mountain of differences in opinion with those who are supposedly our 'close ones'? Why do we have world wars amongst ourselves instead of agreeing to disagree? 

Someone please tell me what is a 'norm' and who gets to decide that? Just because a pattern is created, does it mean that it has become an universal truth? Why is it that when someone wants to not do what is considered a norm, they are wrong? And if 10 people say one thing against only one who thinks otherwise, is the lone person wrong? 

Why is one person's dream, a dream, and other one's dream is an act of copying? How is it that someone's ambition is pride worthy, while someone else having an ambition is a crime? What is the limit of dreaming? And who is the judge of that? Why do some people have all the right in this world to dream while others can't even dream about dreaming? Aren't our dreams valid, no matter where we are from or who we are?  

Who gets to decide what is a 'priority'? The person living it or the person worrying about the person living it? How is it that having a say in what your priority is, is termed as empty-headedness or stubborn or even dumb? Why does friction always lead to jumping guns and calling the other one whimsical? And how come being whimsical sometimes is a bad thing and being extra disciplined always, a right thing? 

Then again, what is right and what is wrong?

~ Sneha

July 12, 2014


What is future? 

For Ma, it is patterns. Stars, planets, and demi-gods, come together and project trends. Where, she studies their alignments and guesses what could happen next, just like my grandfather and many others from my family. And surprisingly, she is always right. 

For Pa, it is actions. Judging the present, learning from the past, drawing a parallel, and planning the next step. Where, he tries to keep away anger, pain, even excitement, and sieve through the situation, challenge every angle, and observe every argument to make the best decision. Fearless, in all his glory, just like a lion ready to fight a herd of elephants. 

For Ashi, it is rationale. A student of Physics, Maths, and Aerospace; it is all about connections. Analyzing the equations of time spent to project the prospective events, questioning the logic of the respective links, and combing for the situation with the most logical explanation.

That leaves me. And future. For someone who lives in present, future is a scary concept as is past a painful lesson. I see future as an opportunity. A place where my present might lead me to. Where I will still have no regrets. Where I will still bleed for the right people and causes. Future to me is an extension of my present, a reflection of my actions. A parallel of my present. It looms over my head but doesn't worry me because everyday I am a step closer to my future. It does scare me when Ma comes to me with dangerous patterns and their prospective warnings, but then I also have Pa who believes that I am fearless like a lioness. That I am not a coward. That instead of living in fear and halting, I will examine each and every way that is in front of me. And if changing the course is the best way, I will chose that. Not because I am afraid but because it is the best way. And almost always best ways are not the easy ones to pick.

Like right now, I am struggling with finding the best way. My opportunity is almost within my grasp and Ma has again come to me with patterns. Pa wants me to pick 'my best way'. Ashi wants me to analyze each angle. And all three of them are waiting for me to decide.

Right now, I am cursing the day I wished to have the ability to make decisions for myself. Because IT. IS. NOT. EASY. However, that doesn't change anything. Except, it leaves me with a question that is punching my gut for four days now... 

Standing at the cusp of change, what do I do about future? 


May 25, 2014


The brighter side of the weird world of social media is that you meet your share of strangers. Some are creepsters, some are good for networking, some inspire you, and then there are a rare few who amaze you. You don't know whether to ignore them or to welcome them. And what's more astounding is that they don't care. They simply make way for themselves in your life. Now, is that good? Frankly my dear, I am at loss of words.

These weird ones take it upon themselves to keep you happy as if you are lacking at that job. And they will come up with every trick in their bag to sell that to you. They will treat you with attention even though they know very well that it is not going to flatter you. And flatter you? My my they will play with words to do just that. They will tell just what you want to hear and repeat it whenever you want to hear even though you never wanted to hear it in the first place. 

You need help? They are there. You want to talk? They are there. You want to curse? They are there. Want attention? They are there. Don't want attention? They will still give it. Alone at party? They are there. You avoid them? They are there. Feeling insomniac? They are there. Stressing yourself? They are there. Walking alone late in the night? They are there. Being a grumpy child? They are there. Pouting? Being difficult? Stubborn? Illogical? Rude? Mean? Don't want them around? They are still there. Aren't they weird? Call them that and they are still there. 

Isn't that enough to make your already over-thinking mind think even more? They are not one of your friends or lovers, not even acquaintances but they are there even before you say holla. You don't want them taking any position in your life nor do they want to. They are not one of those nice men who are too good to be true or take home to mama. They are rogue, blunt, mocking, street smart, devilish, brooding, and can be really  mean but somehow they want to be there for you and want you to be happy. No ulterior motives. No expectations. And definitely no master plan to get into your pants. 

So C, what do we do about you? Call you a welcome stranger or to-be-ignored stranger? Say thank you and be nice to you or ignore you till you reveal your 'so called' real colors? 

My over thinking mind says, whatever maybe the case, you will still be there.