Sketch Book Series #1

March 18, 2014

This brain of mine has so much to say that it tires me out.  

All day long, its gears function without any friction and make sure that my hair loses all its colour. Enough is enough now. This non-stop chatter needs to have a place of its own. Thus the #SketchBookSeries. Meet my little art book that will bear the brunt of my brain's chatter. Let's hope it survives. :)


March 11, 2014

In this era of Word Porn,
why have we stopped writing
some clauses, some phrases,
stringing conjunctions, few prepositions
a comma here
a period there
an exclaiming thought
a gerund bare.

Some love carved
a story shared
emotions captured
skeletons bared
our words spin our tale
surprisingly raw, exceptionally rare
a wound exposed
a vein bled.

When better words speak our mind
why trouble the nib
when a right click does the trick
why be the prick
take a screenshot
pass the treat
sigh a bit

But life lives in your words
expressed with your eyes
rolled by your tongue
those goose bumps
heart beat jumps
take a leap
grab that pen
let it bleed
write again.


March 10, 2014

Book - The mother of all books. (What to expect when you're expecting) 
Publisher - Global Vision Press
Price - Rs. 100

If in your eyes, marriage was a huge mountain to climb, then meet pregnancy. It is always described as a beautiful phase where the couple find a new meaning to their relationship and they start thinking beyond themselves. But hardly has anyone written about the other side of the story. About the baby bump troubles, weird mood swings, finding the right clothes, nappy problems, and unsolicited advice from everyone who knows about the pregnancy. 

Rajni is staring at an unplanned pregnancy. Arun, Rajni's husband, who is miraculously a very patient and tolerant guy, is always being transferred before they get a chance to settle. How will these guys manage the drama that comes along with pregnancy? Thus begins a witty, sarcastic, hilarious yet very real ride towards the kingdom of babyhood. 

Though, the long sentences, complicated humor, regional slangs of English, Bold Caps, exaggerated exclamations might seem like a problem. Pick up this book to hear your co-worker talking to you about her pregnancy woes along with hilarious illustrations. Or maybe you could pick it up to know how a woman actually cruises *cough cough* through the 9 months and after of babyhood. Rajni's wit, Arun's patience, the hilarious incidents they face, and the *real* description of life will definitely tickle your laughter bone.   

Modern Gypsy

December 28, 2013

An amalgamation of thoughts and interests is how I can best describe Modern Gypsy's blog. Her URL speaks a lot as well, after all gypsies are peddlers of dreams. 

At one glance, you will feel that there is so much to see and read on her blog but slowly when you start spending more time, you see patterns. And they stay with you long after you leave her blog. Everything is arranged in an order, in such a way that you would not want to leave her site. 

You like reading travel blogs? She has taken care of it. You love books? She serves you reviews. Not sure about what to wear? She helps you with comfortable pieces. Looking for some yummy recipes? Visit her kitchen. Love reading about deep thoughts and soulful thinking? She has got that covered as well. Just like a gypsy, she knows everything about your wants immediately. And you know what is the best part? She just doesn't write, she speaks through her blog. And if you are unsure about what that means then you should spend some time reading her posts. I am sure you will hear her talking to you. It is so beautiful and personal. 

Her words warm you and you feel like she has invited you to her home for a relaxing chat. Imagine a fireplace being ready, hot tea waiting for you, some home made yummy snacks whose fragrance are playing with your senses and a serene gypsy waiting to share her treasure of words with you. I am for sure going to be visiting it more often and I recommend you should as well.  

The above post is a part of an awesome initiative by Indiblogeshwaris :) Kudos to them!


December 04, 2013

It looks like just another day. Another 24 hours passing by with each breath I take. Waking up on the same bed, eating the same breakfast, taking the same bus to work, sitting at my work station, and in between work, scrolling the Facebook timeline aimlessly, eating, working, going back home, sleeping. Repeat. 

I am surprised how I take each breath of mine for granted. It's my illusion that I will live for long or atleast 30 more years. Each passing day doesn't matter much to me. Those dreams of walking afoot and discovering nooks inside out and outside in are locked in a silent corner of my mind. Riding blindly over optimism, I assure myself that I will find that peace which will fill my soul. Connecting dots that don't even exist I convolute each passing day instead of clarifying my vision. 

This muddled piece of me called mind has become passive. I try to do a lot of things to keep it busy. Arts, words, pictures, people, emotions, music - name it and I do it. So much just to entertain one small piece of me.

And today comes again looking like just another day. Where every second feels like a scene of a movie that is running only in my mind, playing only for me. I change roles, practice my lines, but it never goes as per my script. Rather aloof, stubborn, moody, whimsical, and elusive.

Yes, today. Which carries a huge baggage of past and an uncertain fear of future. 
Just another day. 24 hours passing by with each breath I take. 


What exactly is the problem?

November 26, 2013

What exactly is the problem?
You. The world you create, the magic that you spin, the illusion that you gift.

What exactly is the problem?
I am. The belief that I have, the hope that I harbor, the dream that I protect.

What exactly is the problem?
Mind. The walls that are built, the chinks that are exposed, the logic that is his lover.

What exactly is the problem?
Faith. The trials that test it, the force of its pressure, the indomitable spirit that it carries.

What exactly is the problem?
 Change. One that never comes, who rebukes and tries my patience all day long.

What exactly is the problem?
Expectation. That slices my heart, one painful cut at a time.

What exactly is the problem?
Dream. It is forbidden, sinful, lovely, and delicious.

What exactly is the problem?
If only I could point it out and let it bleed. Yes, that exactly is my problem. 

On a lighter note, I have a giveaway for you. More details:

GIVEAWAY | Plain White Tee

November 25, 2013


It's my birthday week (two days to go before I say good-bye to the quarter number) so it would be a good time to giveaway some gifts. This time around, good folks at Plain White Tee have joined us here to spread some birthday cheer.

And here are some of their designs:

What's up for grabs?

1. Two winners will win a super cute illustrated Tee of their choice.
2. Every participant gets a 25% off on their choice of tee (single tee).

There is one more surprise which I will unveil once the winners are declared. Till then, my lips are sealed.

All you need to do is:

1. Visit Plain White Tee and select a Tee (any tee) you would want to gift to a friend.
2. Visit this link and tag that friend, mention the link of the tee you want to gift and share the reason behind choosing to gift a Plain White Tee to him/her.
3. Leave your email id in the comments, below.

Simple, isn't it?

Some rules and jazz:
1. Only applicable for residents of India.
2. More than one entries are welcome.
3. Two winners will be chosen based on the reason of gifting (I love words and emotions).
4. Every participant will get a 25% off on their choice of tee.
5. Last date to participate is 30th November, 2013.
6. This being my blog, I am the judge by default.

Have fun and make your friend happy today.

Update: The winners have been declared HERE along with the hidden surprise. And instead of 25%, everyone who participated gets a whooping 30% discount on the tees!

Merry Christmas!
Ho Ho Ho


November 14, 2013

We are yet to reach the stars. 
Step by step, dream by dream, let's inch closer to them.


November 09, 2013
As I open my eyes this morning, the same old sights greet me. There is nothing special about the day or the sights. But I still linger around. Wait for them to speak to me. The house is still silent thanks to the ungodly hour the rays decided to wake me up at. 

As I keep staring at the ceiling, I see my room bathed in a golden hue. Partly due to the peach hued curtains and partly due to the lovely colour of morning rays playing a sensuous game with the light peach walls of my room. And this sight enthralls me. Wonder why I have never paused and admired the beauty that comes alive everyday in my own room. 

Beauty awaits you at the most unexpected yet simple places. Indeed. And the most wonderful thing about it is that it brings along peace. Last few days have been full of turmoil and mental struggles. But, peace is now where there was a turbulence. 

Three days..

November 07, 2013

It had been three days…
Rashi was to totally confused. Theirs had been a love marriage.Childhood friends turned to College Sweethearts turned to Made-for-each-other-couple.She was mad about him even after 10 years of marriage.His smile,his laughter,his looks all drove her crazy till today and she was sure,they would drive her crazy even on her deathbed.Theirs had been the perfect marriage. Married right after college and parents of two stars by 26 years, they had nothing to complain about. She was sure he loved her and was smitten by her,up until now…
Past three days were the longest,most confused and frustrating days of her life. He never had kept secrets or hidden anything; but from past three days, she had a feeling that something a miss.His routine was same but his behavior had changed.The morning goodbye kiss had lost its meaning and had now become a formal ritual. The end number of calls during daytime had vanished now; every time she called him up now, he would be busy. When at home,she used to answer most of his calls without second thoughts but now he guarded his cell phone with soldier’s vigil. Once home, he used to never work ,but he is glued to laptop or calls. Even while taking calls, he would talk in hush tones and would not answer call until he is in other room than her. He would be so tired that their Pre=sleep talk had vanished!! She even saw Smriti’s number flash many times on his cell and wondered about it…
What has gone wrong? what has she done? Is he with… Oh God no!! Rashi he loves you and only you!! Don't think this way…Oh god what is wrong with him,why is he acting so weird…!!!???
It had been three days…
Three long days…God he missed her!!He thought , just a few hours and everything would be fine. It had been a hell lot of a week.He missed her laugh, her gleaming mischievous eyes, her playful manner…God!! he truly missed her …. He hated to do this,hated to hide it from her, hated to come home late, hated to show her that he is neglecting and ignoring her when he had in fact observed her more than ever…Every blank and confused look from her had hit him tenfold…He felt bad but could not help it…One slip and everything would be ruined. He had worked hard for this and now only few hours away, he wanted things to go peacefully..He was hopeful she would understand and forgive him.Oh god!! when will it be 8’o’Clock!!!
It had been three days…
Sunil is so thoughtful!! Rashi and Sunil are truly made for each other..He had contacted me three days back and asked for help. When I heard him out, I was brimming with happiness for Rashi.God ..Please send someone like Sunil for me.Both of us contacted each and everyone special to her. In three days we arranged everything!!
After all it was her 33rd Birthday!!Rashi was so happy that day…her eyes never left Sunil even once. Even among crowd they were looking at each other as if they were the only ones there!! She had been surprised but very happy about the surprise and our efforts ,especially Sunil’s efforts in making it special for her…Smiling Smriti took a look at the invitation card that was sent to all, again…
I, Sunil Sighania would like to cordially invite you
to attend my beloved Sweetheart and Wife
Rashi Sighnania’s Birthday
Your presence would be precious and special to us.
Taj Palace
27th November, 2020

The White Room Project - LIQVD Asia

November 06, 2013

Firstly, I am really sorry for disappearing in thin air. Guilty as charged, I am your criminal. Though, I have an excuse ready. A really good one, this time.

Some months back, A came across my blog and thought highly of my art (bless him!). Immediately, he wanted to collaborate with me. I love collaborations and was really excited when he approached me. was a HUGE project - size wise and skill wise too. He wanted me to paint his office's entrance wall with something nice that also introduces audience to LIQVD Asia's philosophy. (A is one of the Chief Rogers at LIQVD Asia.)

I was really thrilled yet scared. To put it in a better way, I was seriouslyfuckingbadlymind-chillingly scared. Yes, that.

After a zillion cups of coffee, a million self -motivating chats, a few hundred chain-mails, 3 site visits, 2 sketches, and over 40 hours of  painting, I made this for The White Room.

What do you think?

Also, if we can collaborate on any project, do give a shout out here:

Super sexy pictures shot by Project Kaveer Rai

JUKE BOX 02 | Silent days

August 21, 2013

The city is passing by. Sometimes for a stretch, there is darkness followed by a sudden spurt of light. It is like a silent spectator to the chaos that is violently crashing against the walls of my mind. Thousand explosions silently take over my mind while I am struggling to find the source of commotion. For days now, there is a silent revolution ensuing here. And I am still clueless about the epicenter. Just as questions keep on popping, my mind tries to switch focus on the enchanting lady passing by. To the beautiful city that I call my own. She never fails to calm me. Its noise gives way to my peace. Its chaos ensures my sanity or insanity - whichever fits the best. 
The steady vibration of the motor provides background music to my thoughts while the bus sneaks through the city. And its rhythm is matching my breathing. Eyes stare at the world beyond without focusing on anything. And lips hide questions that mind wants to throw out. Somewhere, a new picture is forming in my mind. Waiting for me to fill colours and give it life. There is a picture and then there is a picture. Likewise, there is a world and then there is a world.

For days like these, here is my new playlist: 'Silent Days'. Do let me know your thoughts :)

August 2013 Free Calendar

August 18, 2013

I am so so so so so so so sorrrrrrrryy! Amidst my maddening schedule and ages-after-family-reunion (yes, Bro is home!), I have not been able to blog. There is so much going on right now that my little world of blogging has taken a back seat. Without further ado, here's the calendar for August (guilty face....). Also, by far it's my favorite. :)

Different sizes of the calendar are available here:
*Free for personal use only.


July 27, 2013

The keyboard is slightly moist due to the humidity that is flying in the air. The curtains are beating against the window trying to break through and fly away with the wind. Drops of rains are racing on the window pane and we cocooned in our own dreamy world inside. My ink pen is ready with fresh new ink ready to be paird with crisp papers. However, today is not the day of words. It is the day of music. The music created by the rains coming down on earth is the most beautiful of all. It wraps around you like a cozy blanket while you take measured sips of your hot coffee. 

For days like these, I have made my first playlist :) you can listen it here


July 25, 2013

And the day to say goodbye is here. I shared 2 lovely weeks with Ada and now it is time for her to go. While I was getting her prepped up for travelling to her next guest (nearby in Japan), Maa wanted to snap a picture of Ada with a dupatta. It is like a scarf albeit a bit long that is a part of traditional Indian wear. So we got Ada one and snapped a memory :) Not just that, around the same time, telegram was breathing it's last in India. A friend and I were working towards keeping a piece of history for ourselves and we thought why not send a telegram to Ada as well. That way, she would have a memorable parting gift. 

I will miss you, Ada. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to show you around. 

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Ada's Travel Tales #4

July 24, 2013

The next day, Ada came along to Chaityabhoomi. It is our national monument and also where Dr. Ambedkar, one of our great leaders was cremated. A silent and peaceful place, Chaityabhoomi is located in the heart of Bombay. This is where I meet peace. The sea is calm here and the Bandra Worli Sea Link is seen standing tall. It is an amazing place to spend an afternoon, talking to self as the wind plays with the calm trees and the sea soothes you. 

Back home, I took Ada to the Upvan Lake, one of the biggest lakes of Thane. Thane is Bombay's neighboring city and is also known as the City of Lakes. Ada was supposed to leave the next day and we thought this was the best way to spend the last evening together.

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Ada's Travel Tales #3

July 23, 2013

While walking down Fort, Ada and I dropped by my favorite clock store. It is a quaint little store with an amazing collection. Vintage, new, sleek, old, cute, durable, you name it and they have it. Moreover, they were quite happy and kind enough to oblige for some photos - it was definitely a super win for us! From there we walked to the furnishing store where I normally drop by for inspiration. Ada got a chance to pose with the cute figurines there along with artifacts, new boards and even idols of Indian Gods. Shooting there was a wee bit difficult because it had started raining by then. Also it is a busy street and shooting one frame without photo bombers was a tricky task. Thankfully, I had BR along to help me out, so everything went by smoothly. Our last stop on the street was the New India Life Insurance Building. It is a splendid piece of art and I really wanted Ada to meet the farmer women carved on the walls of the building. 

If you have missed out on reading the previous two parts, you can catch up here and here

Ada's Travel Tales #2

July 22, 2013

After giving me company at work, came the weekend. To enjoy it, we decided to visit my favorite part of the city i.e. Fort. Here old world charm flirts with the new age while showers pour all day long. Ada got a chance to travel via the Mumbai Locals aka the Trains. They are the backbone of Bombay. If they won't work, Bombay would come to a standstill. And once we got out of the railway station, there was no way we could have ignored the grandeur of station. CST railway station or Victoria Terminus as it was called before was the first railway station of India. While under the British rule, railway system was initiated starting Victoria Terminus. The architecture beholds you and no one can escape the awe. Even the locals stop and stare while rushing through their routine. 

Next, Ada got to ride the Premier Padmini Taxi. Popularly known as 'Kaali Peeli' (Black yellow) by the locals, PP are a part of Bombay's heritage. However, they are soon going to be discontinued owing to various reasons. So it was a lucky opportunity for Ada and one of the last chances for me. 

A walk down Fort, saw Ada experiencing the old world charm and me, enjoying it. A walk through this part of the city is my biggest motivator and stressbuster. Here is where old world meets new gen and together create the balance that Bombay is. 

If you have missed out the previous post, you can read it here. Stay tuned, more posts are coming up!  

Ada's Travel Tales #1

July 21, 2013

It was a fun filled ride. She would accompany me everyday while I traveled, worked, partied, holed up in my room, went for a walk, and even danced in the rain. You might be curious about Ada, so was I when I came across Adeline's blog. The more I read her posts, Ada fascinated me more. So one fine day, I sent a request to Adeline. I wanted to invite Ada to Bombay. That was the easiest part of the whole process. Adeline enthusiastically told me that Ada is already in Bombay but soon after I lost my mobile. Now, with no camera and no mobile camera, how was I supposed to show Ada around? Enter Harshad, my saviour! Harshad was kind enough to lend me his camera and make this trip happen :) Thank you so much, rockstar!

First day here, Ada meet Bombay rains and came with me to work. Stay tuned as I will be continuing her travel tales over the next few days.