What is right and what is wrong? Or is it always that during a difference of opinion, one is absolutely right and the other is absolutely wrong? Then again, what is absolute right and what constitutes absolute wrong? And why is it that we have a mountain of differences in opinion with those who are supposedly our 'close ones'? Why do we have world wars amongst ourselves instead of agreeing to disagree? 

Someone please tell me what is a 'norm' and who gets to decide that? Just because a pattern is created, does it mean that it has become an universal truth? Why is it that when someone wants to not do what is considered a norm, they are wrong? And if 10 people say one thing against only one who thinks otherwise, is the lone person wrong? 

Why is one person's dream, a dream, and other one's dream is an act of copying? How is it that someone's ambition is pride worthy, while someone else having an ambition is a crime? What is the limit of dreaming? And who is the judge of that? Why do some people have all the right in this world to dream while others can't even dream about dreaming? Aren't our dreams valid, no matter where we are from or who we are?  

Who gets to decide what is a 'priority'? The person living it or the person worrying about the person living it? How is it that having a say in what your priority is, is termed as empty-headedness or stubborn or even dumb? Why does friction always lead to jumping guns and calling the other one whimsical? And how come being whimsical sometimes is a bad thing and being extra disciplined always, a right thing? 

Then again, what is right and what is wrong?

~ Sneha



  1. Thoughtful. I loved it!

  2. Its not norm its a relative idea...the actual idea or question should be why are differences not accepted rather than why are there norms

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