The brighter side of the weird world of social media is that you meet your share of strangers. Some are creepsters, some are good for networking, some inspire you, and then there are a rare few who amaze you. You don't know whether to ignore them or to welcome them. And what's more astounding is that they don't care. They simply make way for themselves in your life. Now, is that good? Frankly my dear, I am at loss of words.

These weird ones take it upon themselves to keep you happy as if you are lacking at that job. And they will come up with every trick in their bag to sell that to you. They will treat you with attention even though they know very well that it is not going to flatter you. And flatter you? My my they will play with words to do just that. They will tell just what you want to hear and repeat it whenever you want to hear even though you never wanted to hear it in the first place. 

You need help? They are there. You want to talk? They are there. You want to curse? They are there. Want attention? They are there. Don't want attention? They will still give it. Alone at party? They are there. You avoid them? They are there. Feeling insomniac? They are there. Stressing yourself? They are there. Walking alone late in the night? They are there. Being a grumpy child? They are there. Pouting? Being difficult? Stubborn? Illogical? Rude? Mean? Don't want them around? They are still there. Aren't they weird? Call them that and they are still there. 

Isn't that enough to make your already over-thinking mind think even more? They are not one of your friends or lovers, not even acquaintances but they are there even before you say holla. You don't want them taking any position in your life nor do they want to. They are not one of those nice men who are too good to be true or take home to mama. They are rogue, blunt, mocking, street smart, devilish, brooding, and can be really  mean but somehow they want to be there for you and want you to be happy. No ulterior motives. No expectations. And definitely no master plan to get into your pants. 

So C, what do we do about you? Call you a welcome stranger or to-be-ignored stranger? Say thank you and be nice to you or ignore you till you reveal your 'so called' real colors? 

My over thinking mind says, whatever maybe the case, you will still be there.


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