It looks like just another day. Another 24 hours passing by with each breath I take. Waking up on the same bed, eating the same breakfast, taking the same bus to work, sitting at my work station, and in between work, scrolling the Facebook timeline aimlessly, eating, working, going back home, sleeping. Repeat. 

I am surprised how I take each breath of mine for granted. It's my illusion that I will live for long or atleast 30 more years. Each passing day doesn't matter much to me. Those dreams of walking afoot and discovering nooks inside out and outside in are locked in a silent corner of my mind. Riding blindly over optimism, I assure myself that I will find that peace which will fill my soul. Connecting dots that don't even exist I convolute each passing day instead of clarifying my vision. 

This muddled piece of me called mind has become passive. I try to do a lot of things to keep it busy. Arts, words, pictures, people, emotions, music - name it and I do it. So much just to entertain one small piece of me.

And today comes again looking like just another day. Where every second feels like a scene of a movie that is running only in my mind, playing only for me. I change roles, practice my lines, but it never goes as per my script. Rather aloof, stubborn, moody, whimsical, and elusive.

Yes, today. Which carries a huge baggage of past and an uncertain fear of future. 
Just another day. 24 hours passing by with each breath I take. 




  1. Beautiful reflections, Sneha. It is so easy for us to take life for granted thinking that we have all the time and not realizing how short it is. Thank you for the reminder. ♡

    1. Hey Irene, thank you so much. Hope you fill in each second of your life with all the creative talent you have.

  2. Loved this. And as AB quoted his dad yesterday, "Mann ka ho toh achchaa. Naa ho toh aur bhi achchaa". Because when it's not going as per your script, it means that it's going according to the almighty's script :)


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