Modern Gypsy

An amalgamation of thoughts and interests is how I can best describe Modern Gypsy's blog. Her URL speaks a lot as well, after all gypsies are peddlers of dreams. 

At one glance, you will feel that there is so much to see and read on her blog but slowly when you start spending more time, you see patterns. And they stay with you long after you leave her blog. Everything is arranged in an order, in such a way that you would not want to leave her site. 

You like reading travel blogs? She has taken care of it. You love books? She serves you reviews. Not sure about what to wear? She helps you with comfortable pieces. Looking for some yummy recipes? Visit her kitchen. Love reading about deep thoughts and soulful thinking? She has got that covered as well. Just like a gypsy, she knows everything about your wants immediately. And you know what is the best part? She just doesn't write, she speaks through her blog. And if you are unsure about what that means then you should spend some time reading her posts. I am sure you will hear her talking to you. It is so beautiful and personal. 

Her words warm you and you feel like she has invited you to her home for a relaxing chat. Imagine a fireplace being ready, hot tea waiting for you, some home made yummy snacks whose fragrance are playing with your senses and a serene gypsy waiting to share her treasure of words with you. I am for sure going to be visiting it more often and I recommend you should as well.  

The above post is a part of an awesome initiative by Indiblogeshwaris :) Kudos to them!



  1. Checked out her is interesting. Nice review.

  2. I have read her blog on and off and its really interesting ...nice review :)

  3. Dropped by on your blog after reading the review by Shachi :) and see what I am getting one more blog to read ..

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