As I open my eyes this morning, the same old sights greet me. There is nothing special about the day or the sights. But I still linger around. Wait for them to speak to me. The house is still silent thanks to the ungodly hour the rays decided to wake me up at. 

As I keep staring at the ceiling, I see my room bathed in a golden hue. Partly due to the peach hued curtains and partly due to the lovely colour of morning rays playing a sensuous game with the light peach walls of my room. And this sight enthralls me. Wonder why I have never paused and admired the beauty that comes alive everyday in my own room. 

Beauty awaits you at the most unexpected yet simple places. Indeed. And the most wonderful thing about it is that it brings along peace. Last few days have been full of turmoil and mental struggles. But, peace is now where there was a turbulence. 



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