The White Room Project - LIQVD Asia

Firstly, I am really sorry for disappearing in thin air. Guilty as charged, I am your criminal. Though, I have an excuse ready. A really good one, this time.

Some months back, A came across my blog and thought highly of my art (bless him!). Immediately, he wanted to collaborate with me. I love collaborations and was really excited when he approached me. was a HUGE project - size wise and skill wise too. He wanted me to paint his office's entrance wall with something nice that also introduces audience to LIQVD Asia's philosophy. (A is one of the Chief Rogers at LIQVD Asia.)

I was really thrilled yet scared. To put it in a better way, I was seriouslyfuckingbadlymind-chillingly scared. Yes, that.

After a zillion cups of coffee, a million self -motivating chats, a few hundred chain-mails, 3 site visits, 2 sketches, and over 40 hours of  painting, I made this for The White Room.

What do you think?

Also, if we can collaborate on any project, do give a shout out here:

Super sexy pictures shot by Project Kaveer Rai



  1. Not many get to paint a wall and get paid at the same time. If my life was in danger and if someone had to paint a wall to save me, i would choose you... such is your art, Do not stop.

  2. looks i know why you find walls more interesting than people :)

    1. Thanks Mansi. Yes, and books, dogs, cats, tigers, and staircases over people. Always :)

  3. You did a great job, Sneha! ♡ :-)

  4. Congratulations! Amazing work.


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