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It's my birthday week (two days to go before I say good-bye to the quarter number) so it would be a good time to giveaway some gifts. This time around, good folks at Plain White Tee have joined us here to spread some birthday cheer.

And here are some of their designs:

What's up for grabs?

1. Two winners will win a super cute illustrated Tee of their choice.
2. Every participant gets a 25% off on their choice of tee (single tee).

There is one more surprise which I will unveil once the winners are declared. Till then, my lips are sealed.

All you need to do is:

1. Visit Plain White Tee and select a Tee (any tee) you would want to gift to a friend.
2. Visit this link and tag that friend, mention the link of the tee you want to gift and share the reason behind choosing to gift a Plain White Tee to him/her.
3. Leave your email id in the comments, below.

Simple, isn't it?

Some rules and jazz:
1. Only applicable for residents of India.
2. More than one entries are welcome.
3. Two winners will be chosen based on the reason of gifting (I love words and emotions).
4. Every participant will get a 25% off on their choice of tee.
5. Last date to participate is 30th November, 2013.
6. This being my blog, I am the judge by default.

Have fun and make your friend happy today.

Update: The winners have been declared HERE along with the hidden surprise. And instead of 25%, everyone who participated gets a whooping 30% discount on the tees!

Merry Christmas!
Ho Ho Ho



  1. Replies
    1. Hi..I finished all steps on 27th Nov only..but unfortunately couldnt post here due to error..sorry in delay..thx

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