JUKE BOX 02 | Silent days

The city is passing by. Sometimes for a stretch, there is darkness followed by a sudden spurt of light. It is like a silent spectator to the chaos that is violently crashing against the walls of my mind. Thousand explosions silently take over my mind while I am struggling to find the source of commotion. For days now, there is a silent revolution ensuing here. And I am still clueless about the epicenter. Just as questions keep on popping, my mind tries to switch focus on the enchanting lady passing by. To the beautiful city that I call my own. She never fails to calm me. Its noise gives way to my peace. Its chaos ensures my sanity or insanity - whichever fits the best. 
The steady vibration of the motor provides background music to my thoughts while the bus sneaks through the city. And its rhythm is matching my breathing. Eyes stare at the world beyond without focusing on anything. And lips hide questions that mind wants to throw out. Somewhere, a new picture is forming in my mind. Waiting for me to fill colours and give it life. There is a picture and then there is a picture. Likewise, there is a world and then there is a world.

For days like these, here is my new playlist: 'Silent Days'. Do let me know your thoughts :)



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