Ada's Travel Tales #3

While walking down Fort, Ada and I dropped by my favorite clock store. It is a quaint little store with an amazing collection. Vintage, new, sleek, old, cute, durable, you name it and they have it. Moreover, they were quite happy and kind enough to oblige for some photos - it was definitely a super win for us! From there we walked to the furnishing store where I normally drop by for inspiration. Ada got a chance to pose with the cute figurines there along with artifacts, new boards and even idols of Indian Gods. Shooting there was a wee bit difficult because it had started raining by then. Also it is a busy street and shooting one frame without photo bombers was a tricky task. Thankfully, I had BR along to help me out, so everything went by smoothly. Our last stop on the street was the New India Life Insurance Building. It is a splendid piece of art and I really wanted Ada to meet the farmer women carved on the walls of the building. 

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