Music | Don't Hold The Wall - Justin Timberlake

I am not a big fan of Justin Timberlake but his songs are awesome dance numbers. Like this one. I have been dancing to the tunes of this sexy song for a week now. And by dancing I mean, really dancing. While in office, I groove on desk and once I am home, I try to get some moves right. Though it has been ages that I have tried choreographing anything but this song is a good dance number. It reminds me that I need to sign up for the belly dancing class that I have been thinking about for ages now. Also, it tells me that I need to practice Hip-hop more. I love that dance style and it would be amazing to mix Belly dancing and hip-hop with some crushing in this song. That will really help me shed some more lard off my body (while at it, did I tell you that I have managed to lose 3.4 kgs now? It feels so awesome! I can actually catch a glimpse of that in-the-making sharp and sexy jawline. One more month love, and I will see it in its full avatar.) 

Coming back to the topic, I got a chance to do another music-based illustration here. Since I was anyways listening to this song so much, I decided why not! Do listen to the song once or twice before you see the illustration. After many trials, I have observed that it helps in connecting with the illustration. Anyways, without much ado, here is the illustration: 

I am super eager to know what do you think! Is it okay? Bad? Good? Workable? Anything else? You will let me know, will you? :)

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  1. I love this song and I am wondering why they don't have music video for it!:o
    Like always I loved your work, especially the walls..It looks like a view of a skyscraper from another skyscraper!

    1. I like the beats of this song and I was wondering the same thing. Why no music video?! And, thank you so much! :)

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