Love | The Multiply Diary

I have a huge problem. 

I just can't come out of a bookstore without buying something - anything. Considering that Crossword is right next to my office and I *almost* end up going there everyday, my bank account is not too happy. So after a sabbatical of 1 month (Yes, I managed to avoid going there for a month!), I happened to be at Crossword yesterday. Please note, it was NOT intentional. I repeat, I just happened to go there. I made sure that I carry no cash or my card so that I look around, appreciate and come out empty handed. Alas, nothing ever goes according to my plan. So what happened? I chanced upon one of the most amazing diaries ever and rest is history...

Tada! Meet The Multiply Diary by Uday Parker and Breathing Space.

If you are besotted as well and have gone weak in your knees, I can help you. You can own your copy of The Multiply Diary here

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  1. Haha I see why you weren't able to resist the impulse of buying that diary! It's too pretty! :-)

  2. Cool Cooler.. AC.. Item hai ye toh! :P

  3. It is out of stock on Flipkart :( Loved the diary and the pics! :)


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