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While I am penning down these words, it is pouring cats and dogs outside. I could set up a serious writer tone by saying that the sound of rain is the best music to write to but for me, mum nagging me to get married is the best music. Trust me, it works! I completely zone out the world around me (especially when it is super annoying lecture on being the painful thorn in the family of strict Marwaadis and not being married at 25… Hah! Keep wishing Mum!) Also, I am racing against time. As usual, I am almost late. It is 11:46pm right now and I need to put together a presentable article and submit it before 11:59pm. Almost impossible, I say.

Somewhere in Cuba, youngsters might be coming together and doing their Mambo and other sensuous dance steps. I have always wanted to go to Cuba and meet a mysterious, raw and sensuous man. I am guessing everyone around there might just meet my demands. Ah, what a life a curvy, having the just right round figure girl like me would have there.


In a parallel universe, I have just got a sponsored trip to Barcelona. Pristine beaches, lovely people, amazing music and so many new things to learn. I think the Spanish are the happiest and hottest people alive. Even their accent is so yummy!


I am almost convinced that travel bloggers are the kings and queens of their lives. Sponsored trips, no nagging parents, no pressures to get married, no urge to climb the corporate ladders, freedom and a chance to meet a new sun every day. They are the happiest of all! And I envy them. Humpf.


My buzzer has gone off. And mum has started nagging again. This time to sleep. Gosh, is this nagging ever going to stop!

Reminder - If you like the entry, then please share/like/tweet/comment on this link - Unwelt by Sneha Sharma. This is what you need to can do to help me win.  

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  1. I don't really know what Umwelt means but from your post I think it means surroundings? anyways,getting married is like a post graduation course for our parents, isn't it? (Oh!'s a serious topic :D ) How much I take pity on you..! And come to Delhi, all your sensuality about men will be either volatilised or vapourised!
    I too envy the travel bloggers but when I look closely I find them as if they have never given up on schooling. We always had to file a travel report to our teachers once we got back from our trip!
    Your umwelt is epic! So is your imagination!
    I really loved your post! It made up my day!

  2. Heheheh. We all hav naggin mothers and relatives behind us to get married. I already commented on ur contest post :). Afterall we r fellow.contestants :D


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