Words | A perfect recipe for disaster

He tries to talk while she works hard to ignore. She likes to keep the conversation going even when he suddenly vanishes like vapour. He makes an effort to be casual. She recognizes it. She tries to be formal and aloof. He overlooks it. Every second she fights with herself while hanging mid-air between wanting to break free and tying him down. Every second she loses the battle and shoves those thoughts in the darkest corner of her mind. He loves to poke her and attack the chink in her uptight armour. She is forever trying to build new barriers and repair the chinks in her mind's fortress.

He talks in circles. She over analyzes those circles. She tries to be nice. Sometimes, he is genuinely nice. He knows his words. She reads between his words. He beats around the bush. She cuts through the bush and comes straight to the point. When she least expects, he appreciates. When she hopes, he never does so. He wants attention. She hates giving attention. She hates that she can't read him. He can see through her frustration. He has world on his mind. She always has him on her mind. 

Such is the story of Fragile Ego and Straightforward Words. And it is safe to say that together, they are a perfect recipe for a disaster.

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  1. Fabulous concoction of words. Do take the story ahead.

    1. Thank you so much, Blogger Goddess! :) I will definitely try.

  2. Story of most the relationships. . Please do continue the story. .

    1. Hi Rohan, thank you but this is not a story of relationship. This is just a story of two people.

      I will try and continue :)

  3. Beautiful and thoughtful lines supporting the quote on the picture!!
    Awesomely written!

  4. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.
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