Illustration | Five Years Of Blogging

So five years huh? That was the first thing that came to my mind when the calendar said it was 2nd May, 2013. Next thought was - Really? Am I dreaming? and lastly my mind went on a hyper ventilated mode and screamed loudly (thank god, only in my mind) OMG! Yes, it has indeed been five years since I have started blogging. Correction there, as my friends say - 5 years of blogging and not 5 years of having a blog. 

They are right in a way. I have worked hard (not quite, I know I could have done better) to maintain this blog in these five years. Please don't read that as boasting. Contrary to what everyone thinks, blogging is NOT easy. Some people, do make it look like it is really easy but it is not. I have had my share of problems. One, I am never really happy with my content. I know I can do better. There is this constant quest in my mind that strives to do better with each post. I aim for satisfaction, if not perfection. Two, I am very lazy. Well, that is an understatement. I am super duper hard core dedicated passionate lazy bum. I will make huge, amazing, stupendous plans in my head. Though when it comes to execution, I would just go to sleep thinking tomorrow is the best day to get going. Alas, the saying is right - Tomorrow never comes. So what! I am a committed lazy bum. I try really hard to get started tomorrow. 221 posts in five years is a glaring example of my laziness. (Half of them are hidden because I haven't formatted them accordingly to the new layout. Yes, I know what your mind is saying. I am lazy!) Three, I face a block easily. Maybe it is because of my laziness or that I get bored easily. Or maybe because I need to be passionate about something to actually work on it. These are the three major problems, other than the usual of Oh, what do I post next? Why did they give such a feedback? No comments? My post was not so bad huh! Did my readers get my point or did I do a bad job in putting it across? How do I get more readers? and more. 

However, all of these vaporize in thin air when a post is appreciated by you guys. That is quite a feeling. Please don't ask me to describe it. You need to feel it to know it. For a moment, I feel satisfied. The aim seems achievable. Next moment though, the quest is back in my mind. It is because, as a friend quotes,

Though I love writing, drawing and jazz, you guys make me do it. It is my way of communicating with all of you. Every post is a question, answer, statement to every feedback, criticism, appreciation from you. For that, I thank all of you. Every new mail to me, asking when am I posting next (after being away for months) reminds me that somebody (other than me) cares about this space.

This blog started as an escape from writing science journals, went on to become a book review platform, got bombarded with lot of emo poems, then came the dark ages when it did not have a new post for months. Post which, stories (where fiction and reality were entwined) sprung on the blog. Then came the time when I was simply sharing pictures that I clicked and now when it is more art and emotion led. It has got its share of art, pictures, words, new name, changing urls, fiction stories, musings and ramblings, events, and more but nothing beats that notification of "1 comment awaiting moderation".

Thank you for these five wonderful years and cheers for the ones that are on its way. 

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  1. Congratulations on 5th blogoversary!! Even I can relate to the 3 problems you've mentioned while blogging! I've been thinking that I'm the only one lazy blogger! now give me Hi 5!

    1. Hahaha Valli, you are the cutest! :) Hi5! And thank you so much.

  2. Donno how this sounds to you :P
    Whenever I see your gravatar image in Indiblogger, it reminds me of actress Nayana Tara!

    1. Weird, definitely weird but good for her :P


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