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While I am writing this post, I can't keep still so please excuse if there are any random irrelevant fleeting thoughts barging in between. I am literally over the moon right now. The reason being a very good surprise given to me by my friend. 

Over last two months, I have been seriously contemplating having an app for my blog. Though I was afraid to take that leap of faith. It would mean more reach (definitely) but it would also mean that I would need to take my blog more seriously than I am doing now. I mean, you just can't have a good reach with a partially neglected blog (guilty face), can you? Hence, I just ignored the storm brewing in my mind without discussing it with anyone and went on with life as always. 

Little did I know that someone other than me was also considering this idea. Today morning when I connected with Facebook, a pleasant surprise was waiting for me. An old friend of mine went ahead and made an app for the blog! I was shocked, happy, elated, confused, and my heart jumped with joy!

OMG - this phrase is not doing justice to my emotions right now. They are all over the place. Mostly happy, mildly stressed with a new responsibility. But happy nonetheless. Without much adieu, let me present to you - The Flirting Kaapi 

The App is a very easy to use Free Android App. It helps you to stay connected with my blog and Facebook page  on the go. You just need to login via your Facebook account to view my FB Page. Easy peasy without any frills. He has kept the interface very simple knowing I like it that way. (God bless you R, you are really sweet!) 

It is now your turn to help me out. If you would love to stay connected with me on the go, do download the App here: Also, do review and rate the app for me. This will (as you know) provide more credentials to the lovely gesture by my friend. I am eagerly awaiting to hear from you :)




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