Around the web #2

Friday is here and so is my list of interesting links that I came across this week from all over the web. 

This week, I came across an amazing list on 100 things to draw, beautiful wild corner on Earth and a web link that throws back useless websites at you. Not only that, I also learnt about negative space art. Then I came across this amazing guy who does pencil sculptures! People are so creative, I tell you. It inspires me along with giving me complex. I won't reveal more about these links, guess you need to check them out for yourself!

Foolish Dreams
What to draw?
Call Parade

Stay Wild

Last Wild corners on Earth
Remember Me
15 Twitter Slang Terms : The Urban Twictionary

Artworks with clever use of negative space  & his Art Prints
The Useless Web

Cape Town 
How Not To Be A Tourist 

Hungarian Artist Creates Impossible Looking Sculptures From Pencils 

Till next week then :) 





  1. Amazing stuff. . I have seen an exhibition where a man did paintings inside an egg shell. . There is only one small hole and he paints using a small stick. .

    1. That's interesting, do pass on the link :)

  2. You are so active going around the web! And that resulted on finding interesting links. :)

    I actually like the art-related links you included. I am visiting those. :)


  3. *Aaaaaaaaaaaah*
    I'm on youuuurrrr blog.
    *Celebrity moment alert*

    On a serious note, thank you lovely! :*
    I love how, eventhough all the picture shared are drastically different, yet somehow fit the sombre colour palette.

    This around the world is cool addition to the blog, I must add. :)

    1. Yaayyy! You (the celebrity) is on my blog :D

      Thanks hotness :)

  4. Sneha! This is amazing! Thanks for such awesome links! :D

    - Shivani

  5. Ooo, that sculpture is beautiful

  6. Hello Sneha... I have been following your blog from last one year. Must say that u have sharp observation and i hv also read ur articles.... Loved all. even m a copywriter who hv just strted with the profession. it wud be honour for me if you could tell me some tips or books that can help me to become a good copywriter.
    Vijay Randhawa


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