Around the Web #1

It smells like weekend is here. And indeed it is! 

I didn't realize when and how did the week pass away so quickly! Then again, it must be because I was caught up with so much work and didn't have the time to breathe. Though even when I was buried under my mountain of work I could not stop looking out for interesting stuff online. It keeps me motivated and provides the much needed inspiration. My collection of links is huge and many a times I am not able to locate what I had bookmarked when. Also, when I want to share them to friends I forget what information was located on which URL. Thus, to tackle this problem and share them with you I have started a new series on the blog. *angelic smile* 

This week, I came across an amazing monochrome tribal print dress (I wish I could buy it!) some amazing DIYs. You would really love the mason jars article. They make me wish that I could find them in India at a suitable price. You'll also find an amazing video on the art of being imperfect (It blew me away! I can safely say Phil is a genius) and a mindblowing sketch print. My fingers were itching to buy it but my mind started chanting a mantra in my head - "Need to buy a camera, need to buy a camera, need to buy a camera" and thankfully the urge did lessen a bit. 

More here:

41 easy things to do with Mason Jars (If only I could find them at cheap rates in India) 

Until next week then :) 


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  1. Hey Sneha, It is a very nice idea. Even I have been working on a much similar idea...Thanks for sharing :)


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