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This post has come tad late seeing that the announcement was made a while ago. It is a bit of a shocker that Google wants to discontinue such a wonderful service. Dunno what triggered their decision but it is surely going to be a loss for all the Google Reader avid users like me. Come July and Google Reader would no longer be available to us. That leaves us with a question. What happens to Friend Connect? 

Friend connect has been an amazing way to keep in touch with other fellow bloggers (via Blogger). Now that Google Reader is going off board, Friend Connect will also face the heat soon. Considering that Google has removed Friend Connect off their help section and that you can no longer login and send newsletters to your followers, we can expect some news soon. The bad part is that I can't even tell the wonderful people following via Friend Connect about this (thanks to discontinued newsletter service) that they should join me via RSS or other touch points. 

Guess would have to reach out to them via this post and hope that if not all, most of them subscribe to other touch points. About other alternatives for Google Reader, here are some that you can subscribe to and keep in touch. I would love to see you connected with my blog :) 

1. Feedly

Of all the other reader options, I loved Feedly. It has a very simple interface, provides social sharing while reading the article and allows you to transfer all your Google Reader subscriptions without much effort! 

BlogLovin is another wonderful service that helps you be updated with your favorite blogs. With the simplicity in use, variety dished in form of content and feature of transferring your Google Reader Subscriptions, BlogLovin is a winner! 

My Facebook Page  will help me to stay connected with you

Twitter is another platform where I am very active. Do stay connected with me there :) 

Stay updated with my blog via Feeds

Lastly, Pinterest is where you can keep an eye on my work and well as the things that inspire me to create art. 

I hope to that this helps us to keep the interaction going and while at it, let's observe two minutes of silence for the wonderful Google Reader. Just kidding, subscribe the new alternative and keep in touch! 



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