Book review | Love across the borders by Sudama Chandra Panigrahi

Book - Love across the borders
Author - Sudama Chandra Panigrahi
Publisher - All About Books Global
Number of pages - 250
Price - Rs. 299

Jia and Jivan are from China and India respectively. Jia works for Beijing Power that is in association with Varun Alumina where Jivan works. While going back to their home, they become victims of a bomb attack and end up together at the hospital. Love blossoms between them and they spin dreams of spending life together.

They say love knows no borders or boundaries. It is beyond all the regulations. Jia and Jivan also think the same. For them their love for each other cannot be contained by political tensions, national boundaries or cultural restrictions. Sino- Indian tension tears them apart. Their own countrymen don't side by them. Between China, India, US, Europe and the complete sub-continent's situation, Jia and Jivan struggle for their love. They would do anything to be together and that is what they did. However, the road to love is not so easy. There are lot of trials and tribulations to overcome before love can be fulfilled. 

The plot has love, drama, tension, political angle, grief and joy - not necessarily in the same order. A love story with political drama is a bold start for a debut author but Panigraha has thought throught the story. The cultural restrictions that slowly come into picture connects the reader very well with the lead characters.

The story flows more as a poem than as a prose. Being not used to reading such a treatment, it was difficult for me to maintain my interest. Moreover, the grammatical errors also turned me off a bit. A tighter editing, snappy and simple language along with less lag periods in the story would have taken the book to a different level. It is a good effort from Panigraha being his debut and I applaud him for that. Though some more revisions could have made this effort better. 

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