Words : Cannes Young Lions' 12

Words are still running away from me, meanwhile I chanced upon this during the safai abhiyaan (cleanliness drive) of my PC at work. This was my entry for the Cannes Young Lions Print competition for 2012 (Yes, I am a full time copywriter). The brief was to discourage talking on cellphones while driving.

The angle of emotion and sentiments has always attracted me the most over everything else. Tried to bring that out here in the best possible way. 

Honestly, a blank paper to be filled with words or sketch scares me more than anything else in this world. Like I need to do justice to the harm I am causing the paper's content state. It is plain and white and pure. I am going to add more to it and for this chance gifted to me, I need to do justice. 

With so much in mind, it is a mixed state of emotions while I work on anything new. At one hand, I am super scared while on the other I love the thrill of starting something new from the scratch.  

However, this volatile state of mind is worth the high that a completed copy or sketch brings along. It is overwhelming. Like you are spent and have nothing more to offer but then a new idea takes over your mind and doesn't let you sleep till you work on it. Words start floating in your mind enticing you to tame them, teasing you by forming up but then troubling you by running away. This vicious cycle frustrates you yet pushes you to take a step further and close the copy. What a mesmerizing journey this is. Don't you agree?



  1. Effectively communicated. I like it.

  2. They are really strong images. . Are they published somewhere??

    1. No and I prefer them being published only on my blog.

  3. nice nice! very nice...

    I had to check on Wikipedia what copy writing meant! I was so wrong.. I thought it was what I did throughout my schooling - copy and write! They need to change the phrase...

  4. Thank you Lalit! Hahaha everyone I know says the same about copywriting :)


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