Poster: Brainstorming and Results

So what happens when you sit with your team for brainstorming? 

You stumble upon ideas, sometimes dream even doze off. Many a times, you are able to close the discussion then and there while almost always your mind wanders around. When this happens, it opens up and thinks beyond what is there in front of you. This way, your mind comes up with ideas that are no where related to the theme of brainstorming. If you are lucky, the brainstorming session does come handy and churns out mad, amazing ideas to help you sail through the next campaign/project in hand.

Apart from doodling, thinking of ideas, talking mad and participating in the discussion, this is what I do when I am in a brainstorming session - click pictures of cute stuff around and make gyaan (read philosophy) posters from it. 

Btw, what do you do when you are in a brainstorming session?  



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