Poster: New Day is calling

Good morning!

Somethings really make your day like a good book to read while you commute to work/study, an old song that was your favorite and haven't heard for long, a nice scene captured by your lens or a bite of a yummy apple pie. 

Varied things for different people and so many possibilities. This picture made my day. I had just parked my stuff at my work station when rays of sun welcomed me. It may not be cold as per 'anywhere in the country or world' standards but Bombay is enjoying a pretty decent cold wave right now. While at it, a warm morning with early morning welcoming rays indeed made my day. I couldn't resist clicking a picture and making a poster out of it. After all, such warm welcoming moments should be treasured. 



  1. Such a simple but lovely post!! I aspire to eventually have a blog like yours! Way to go, thanks for paving the way for me too! :)

    1. Oh Natasha, you are super sweet. Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. Coming that from an ace photographer like you?! Wow thank you :)


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