Freebie: January Desktop Calendar

New Year is here! 

2012 was awesome. It helped me do so many things. Let's hope the same continues this year as well. One of my goals this year is to take up interesting illustration assignments that I would love to work on and will teach me loads. Moreover, I have so many things to tick off my wishlist. I sincerely hope that these assignments will fund everything off my wish list (too optimistic, isn't it?) So if you like my work and have an amazing (big/small/medium) assignment that we could work on, do shoot me a mail at 

Around the end of November, I had planned to make a complete calendar of 2013 for sale but lazy me just sat on the idea and ruminated for so long that 2013 is already here. To push me and my limits, I am planning to come out with an illustrated desktop calendar for each of the coming months. The original plan is to make a complete 12 month set. Let's see how far I go (Promise me that you all will keep me motivated. Okay? Okay). 

And taddaa! Here is the calendar for this month. What do you think? Brickbats or love? I would love to know your feedback. 

If you love it and want to download for your desktop, just click on the respective size and save the background for your computer/phone. Moreover, you can print and pin them up as well. However, this is only for personal use. 

Lastly, would you like to see more calendar designs from me? Do tell me :) 



  1. I likeeee, Sneha. Looks very fresh & citrusy ! :) I think you are a very talented and imaginative girl. You SHOULD continue with the remaining 11 months. That way I can look forward to every month's design.

    Have a great year ahead!

    1. Thank you so much Anisha! I will definitely try and cover all 11 months :)

      Happy New year to you too :)

  2. It is a good idea! Looks good also! Keep 'em coming! And yeah try making it in .jpeg format. . Easy to share and all. .
    Happy New year!!

    1. Happy New year to you too! Thank you for the suggestion, will surely implement it next time onwards :)

  3. but think I would like the days to be written as well :)

    1. Thank you, will surely do that next month onwards :)

  4. All the best and a Happy New Year ahead..............

  5. Great work!!would love too see more!!

  6. Hi Sneha,

    What a way to begin the year 2013, this is an eye-catching design. It'll look good in large print. Let me check it out. :)


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