Illustration: Happy 2013

At every year end, I have always wondered about the future.What choices will I make, whom will I end up with, would I love my job or would I get up one day after a decade and repent it? So many questions about future that come with so many uncertainties. Doubt and fear always cloud my mind. It is like I question everything that I do wondering what effect will it have on my future. Though why is it necessary for the future to be good? I mean, it is future. If I live for each tomorrow it is anyways going to be come. Yes, depending on my choices it might be good or bad. However, for that I need to make a choice right now. Enjoy that choice fearlessly and make mistakes. I am not perfect then how can I want a perfect life? No. I don't like perfection. Flaws are my kind of thing. Things, wishes, dreams, ambitions will come to me though for that I need to enjoy this moment. Heavy philosophy huh? Ummm sorry. I have no intentions to bore you.

I just felt like sharing some thoughts. It is important for me that I do. Mine is an imperfect life and it is awesome that way. Every day I need to assure myself about it. It is weird getting up in the morning and telling myself that but hey, it helps. Everyone has something & someone waiting for them. Do excuse my over optimism :) 

I have a calling waiting for me. It might not be the perfect one but heck, it is going to be an awesome one. You have one for you as well. Why not just wait for it together? While at it, why not make each day worthwhile? Oh cut the philosophy and just live. Live and make life worthwhile with each of its moments. :)

We are on the brink of new year again and I am still wondering about the choices I have made in life. Done some good, some bad and many a times nothing at all. However, it is a part and parcel of my choices. My present is my choice and my future will also be the same - my choice. All of us have something exciting and nice waiting for us. Lets wait it out for it this new year. What do you think? 



  1. Hi Sneha,

    Happy New Year to you too. :)
    Lovely graphics and illustrations. Keep up the spirit of blogging in the new year as well. :)


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    1. Thank you Jay, wish you an amazing new year as well! Hope the same for you too. Keep up with the writing and blog posts :)


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