Illustration: Celebrate Valentine's Day with Maybelline India

Maybelline India  has recently invited everyone to come and design their Colossal Kajal Pencil cover. The theme is celebrating Valentine's Day. Being a big fan and a loyal user of their Kajal, I couldn't be more excited after getting an invite to join the competition and design something for them. Though work took over and I didn't get time to even think about it. Ideas were floating in my mind so was the competition image.

Eye Am was calling again and again. Something had to done and today morning I finally got time to sit and work on some designs. Valentines, Love, Drama and Eye Am was running in my mind when I made these 4 illustrations. 

Since I had very less time, I am sharing the hand made sketches with you. There was no time to polish them  and come up with a finished product. I love all 4 of them and had a tough time deciding which one to submit. Hence exploited the freedom of submitting multiple entries and shared all 4 with them. Oh, did I tell you what is the prize? The product cover design that Maybelline India likes will be printed as a limited edition and introduced on Valentine's Day. Isn't that awesome?! 

So well, my fingers (heck, whole body) is crossed. I am praying hard that they like my designs and you need to pray as well (no excuses, start praying right now!). Btw, what do you think of these designs? Hate or like? Partial towards any one or love them all? Do tell me! I am eagerly awaiting your feedback. 



  1. What a fun opportunity! Good luck. I like the red heart one on the bottom the best. What are the black shapes in the middle?

    1. Hey Marcia, thank you so much for dropping by here :) I had fun making them as well! This is the packing outline. The black shapes is where the product is packed and the product information is displayed. :)

  2. oh i lovee them all...super cute :)
    luck n love

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