Event: Museum of Memories

What do we do when we know we are going to lose something soon? Most of us mourn, some reminiscence but hardly anyone celebrates the time spent together. Godrej chose to celebrate. India's leading industrial and consumer solution/ FMCG company called upon artists, musicians, general public, performers, and dancers to come together and celebrate their Soap Factory's Warehouse  that supported them till yesterday. The better days were remembered and rejoiced. While the next day, the warehouse was brought down to pave way for new things. 

Museum of Memories was a storehouse of talent. I got to attend this event with another talented blogger, Karishma Rajani who is the name behind Purple Peeptoes.  Here is a glimpse of the art pieces that I spotted there and thoughts I picked up from there. The art pieces are converted to posters by me but the art still belongs to the respective artists. If it is your work, do let me know for I want to credit all of you.

Of all the pieces, those made by Visual Disobedience artists were the best!

The city that faded away in modernization, an activity that still lives on.



  1. Not as interesting? Seriously? Opened up a new world of artistic possibilities. I've mentioned a link to your blog at the bottom of the post.

    1. Thank you K, I really did like your post more than mine :) Thanks again! <3


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