Book Review: 45 Days in a Cancer Hospital by Alka Dimri Saklani

Book: 45 Days in a Cancer hospital
Author: Alka Dimri Saklani
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Number of Pages: 298
Price: Rs. 195

Medicine is a very risk-laden yet noble profession specially the branch that works on Cancer. It is one disease that is curable yet incurable. The victims of this deadly disease who ca not be cured hardly have any time left with them. At a time when they treasure each living moment and mourn their nearing end, they are being killed in a prestigious Cancer hospital of Mumbai. Though, they are not co-incidental. Infact, they are very well planned. However, the motive is a big mystery. For what can one gain from killing cancer patients who are anyways going to breathe their last soon. A writer who is at the hospital to research and write a book on cancer patients observes this pattern and tries to unravel the mystery. For 45 days, she was allotted a stay in the hospital to research patients. Instead, she found herself amidst a serial murder situation. Along with a good friend who is also a CBI professional, she pursues the matter to find out the truth. What opens up in this journey is anticipatory yet shocking. 

The author has carved a good plot that keeps the reader intrigued throughout the book. The situations have been smartly linked to form the plot. It isn't really strong but it is good enough to keep you interested to know what does the last day reveal. The story flows and events are unfolded day wise. Ashritha, the main protagonist as the writer comes out as a sensitive and bold (without her knowledge) writer. However, the plot weaved around her seems a bit force fit.

The book takes the reader behind the front desk of the hospital to the mindsets of the doctors, their high pressure lives, the tragic lives of cancer patients, the varied characters that fill in a hospital and most interesting - the personal fears and greed of doctors. The book is a satisfactory medical crime thriller that also has a dose of love, betrayal, fear, greed and suspense. Some parts of the book show writer's liberty of having everything working right for the protagonists unlike reality but it is done smartly to not disturb the flow.

All in all, a good one time read if you are new to thrillers. There was a space for the author to weave a tighter plot with crispy storyline. Nonetheless, the final product is satisfactory. Do read the book and share your views with me. 

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