Art Spotting: Pizza Hut, Oberoi Mall, Mumbai

I will not start with the cliched line that there is art all around us (although it definitely is). Why? Because I hate cliches and stereotypes. Nothing is more welcoming than a fresh take on anything without being judgmental. So coming back to how I will start - my curious eye loves to stalk the surroundings. I can't stay still. There are many parallel worlds running in my mind. My eyes and my mind are always observing & absorbing the surroundings. Does that sound creepy? No no! Don't worry. I don't stalk, stare or make anyone feel uncomfortable. I just become a part of the surrounding. You should try doing that, it is definitely a soothing experience.So starting today, I am starting a new label - Art Spotting. 

Here I will publish art that I spot in my surrounding. This is my way of appreciating them. 

Pizza Hut, Oberoi Mall

Check out the amazing use of warm colors with glittery gold. I love those gold pants. Ain't they adorable? 

That corner around the road where you will always spot your favorite pizza place is depicted so nicely here. I love the style of painting and want to learn it from the artist. 

If you string all these three pictures together, you get one scene that shows a quaint little road that is bit busy around Pizza Hut. People heading towards the eatery, people coming out from there, the place by the side of the road and all of these put together admirably. 



  1. You have a great eye!!I would have never noticed all that:((

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