Poster: Awesome Life

This morning while I was waiting for the bus to arrive, I chanced upon a freshly painted Zebra crossing. The way it was laid in front of me, I felt as if a carpet or a huge door mat is laid. Like you have your own gateway to heaven, the zebra crossing looked like an inviting stairway. Yes, my mind is over imaginative like that. :-/ 

Being an avid Instagram  user, I couldn't resist taking a picture of the zebra crossing. After some time my bus came, later I reached office and work took over. However, the image did not leave my mind. Till an hour back, with no breathing space in hand, I could do nothing about it but later something did come to my mind and the result is this poster.

What do you think? How is it? Are you ready to experience the awesome life that is waiting for you?  (Sincere request: Please do not lift the work. In case you like it and want to use it, please ask me.)



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