Photo & Poster: Sweet Heaven

Darling, it isn't easy surviving there. It is wicked, bad, selfish and cunning. They love to hate others and make sure they hate well. They know it is wrong but they get pleasure out of it. Morals, ethics, love and care are alien to them and so is humanity. They are not meant to receive the love that we have. It baffles me as well as amazes me to know that you don't want to stay here anymore. Why would you want to take birth at such a place where there is no respect for a girl. You have everything here. You have me here. Why do you want to go there? 

You will always be loved by me. I will take the best possible care. You and me have our own sweet world here. It is so soothing and peaceful. I wouldn't want to be anywhere other than here. Wonder why you want to leave? Isn't it enough that we have something special? Why do you want to throw away all of this? 

My love, think about it, think about us and think about our love before you take any decision. Don't leave this wonderful little world to be a part of that wicked place. It is full of fireworks, fireworks that lure you and then push you. You will fall flat on your face. There are lights, sparks and lovelies there but they can't beat the peace that we have. This peace is special, this peace is us. 

Think about it. 
Think about us,

Sweet Heaven - Photo and Poster. 

Sweet Heaven is featured in in this fabulous meme 'Our World Tuesday'.  Do view more images from around the world and participate here.



  1. Hi This is Sunita co-founder of one of the agencies with the best detectives in Mumbai. Just had to comment here after reading your post. This sure seems inspired by 'Wild World' the Cat Stevens Song! But is it addressed to someone special in your life or is it just a desire to be up in the clouds?!

    1. Hi Sunita, thank you for taking time out and reading my words. I haven't heard 'Wild World' but not that it matches the my post, I will surely listen to it :) Also, this is a fiction writeup. A writeup that was inspired by the pictures that I have clicked of the lovely clouds over Guwhati. Thanks much!

  2. How gorgeously dramatic!

  3. These images are stunning... what brilliant captures and the black and white really adds to the drama


  4. Interesting black and white shots, very moody:)

  5. What an unusual and intense way to portray clouds. Well done...


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