Social Samosa: Personal Branding Tips for Twitter

Who are you on Twitter?

The bubbly college girl, the bored employee, the voracious reader, the talented photographer, the sex expert – This is how some tweeps have branded themselves. Everything they do here speaks volumes about how they want the world to see them. However, is this aim of branding?  

But why Twitter? 

We have come across loads of articles touting the greatness of Twitter as a social networking platform.  We have read how fast its user strength is growing and how the world is here right now. We are aware how everything spoken on Twitter can have huge repercussions from personal, corporate, or brand perspective even when the concerned person, corporation, or brand is not on Twitter. It has even disturbed the government! Twitter is a breeding house of opinions, arguments, critics, and even observers. Hence, taking this medium seriously is not a matter of choice anymore. This is the platform to build your brand. In times, when introducing self by their Twitter handle over their real name is a common fad; there is no doubt that personal branding has found its way into this medium.

Image source: steve-lovelace

What is this ‘Personal Branding’ that you are talking about?

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