Book Review: Mumbaistan by Piyush Jha

Author – Piyush Jha
ISBN – 8129120178
ISBN-13 – 9788129120175, 978-8129120175
Publisher – Rupa Publications 

Love entwined with crime and sprinkled with power has become the base for almost all crime movies based on underworld in the Hindi Movie Industry. Likewise is the base for Piyush Jha’s debut novel. An acclaimed film director and ad film maker, Piyush loves Mumbai. So much so that even his stories are inspired by this dazzling city with a dark side. As much as Mumbai is known for its glitz, glamour, and undying spirit, it is known for being the hub of crime. This has been sharply portrayed by Piyush and much more in his debut novel. 

3 crisp stories, each with a strong plot, bold characters, racy pace and a big heart. Doesn't that sound just like Mumbai? Maybe this is why the novel is named as Mumbaistan. 

With Bomb day and its colorful characters of gangsters, reformed criminals, terrorists, police, prostitutes alongside emotions running high on love, hate, fanaticism, and sorrow, we meet a top cop who uses the help of reformed criminal to defuse a high alert terrorist attack without causing harm to the city. A city that lives under the shadow of attack, where every day spirit fights with, it gives you goose bumps to know what happens on the other side. How the guardians mingle with the dark side and try to scare the shadows away so that the city lives in peace (sort of). 

With Injectionwala, Piyush has blurred the black and white colors that can describe the city and well as its people. A savior doctor who sets against punishing the people involved in human organ racket is manipulated himself. How a police man battles inner tussle to do the right thing shows the grey character of human emotion standing out among the palette of love, hate and, passion. The strong sense of justice runs this story. 

The last story, Coma man is the story of hope, trust, love, respect, faith that are normally marred by unjust scheming and selfish intentions. Set against the background communal riots affecting the lead character and how they have changed the world he knew, Coma man is a reflection of the times that Mumbai has seen. 

Each story highlighting a glaring hole in Mumbai’s armor be it Bomb day’s Terrorism, Injectionwala’s Corrupt Medical Practitioners and Coma Man’s unjust intentions with the Communal riots. Each of them brings out hope that has been nurturing and helping the city move on.  This book conjures a film in reader’s mind and should definitely be considered being produced. For others, it is a racy thriller based on writer’s favorite city. You just can’t put it down without completing it. Mumbaistan is a good product by a writer who knows his words and muse (Mumbai) well. 



  1. Sounds good, will remember to pick it up next time =)

  2. Your review has redeemed the book of the threateningly run-of-the-mill, cliched to death kind of image. Thanks for the sharing.

  3. Hey, I am mid-way through the book. yet to catch up much thrill... Will soon come up with my review. Thanks for this.

    1. My Pleasure Manjulika, do share your review with me :)

  4. Read this book in a day ...
    un-put-downable ...

    thumbs up .....


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