Besties and color

Anytime is the right time to meet besties! For me, two days back was that right time. Post Goa (that reminds me, I still have to publish my Goa series) this is the first time that all of us could take some time out and laugh in each others' company (yes, we just laugh, laugh, and laugh when together). So, Powai was decided as the meeting point. Like always, I reached there first (I don't like this habit of mine). The skies were clear and wind carried the scent of the Powai Lake. Breezy, evening light, smell of rain and lake in air is enough to lift anybody's mood. Isn't this the perfect weather for a cuppa coffee and loads of gossip? Still, since besties had yet to arrive, gossip and coffee needed to wait. The drizzle was accompanying me while strolling by the lake and then suddenly there was a heavy downpour. It felt as if the whole place has suddenly enlivened thanks to rain.

Normally, people associate dull, grey and boring colors with rains but yesterday evening, rain has introduced me to so many hues of its colors that I was astonished. Everywhere new sights were springing up. I have been to Powai so many times but yesterday, I saw a new place in these colors.



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