Words l Where is Mumbai?

Yes, where is it? 

Is it in the quaint little narrow lanes of Bandra or painted colorfully on the walls of Mahim? Is it blasting out of the radio channels or is it talking to you via the moody rains? Is it hanging out with the pretentious 'cool' janta of the suburbs or in the struggling mangroves around the sea? Has it hidden itself in all the old money houses in the town or in the vast expanse of fields on the outskirts? Is it in the cobbled pavements of the old lanes of Sion or in the swanky new cement roads of BKC? Does it reside in the artsy corners of Kalaghoda or the impoverished nukads of Dharavi?

Does it hang out in the up market classy food and cafe joints or have a blast on those raasta chap joints? Is it there while you walk by the quiet promenade of Marine drive or is it with voracious Worli Sea Face? Does it travel in the cute little rickety black and yellow rickshaws/taxis/Mumbai locals or does it plow around in the likes of Jaguars or even Santros? Does Pizza hut feature on its favorite list or maybe Theobroma? 

What does it listen to and where? Does it enjoy Jazz while sipping white wine or head bang in the some underground rock metal gig? Does it like to watch plays at the Pritvi Cafe or go for Bolly movies at Galaxy theatre? Does it like raste ka maal saste mein daaru from Janta or does it stick to its Blue Label at the Presidency? Does it paint and sell on the roads of town or in the up town art galleries with red wine and crackers? Does it like to sip its coffee at the Madras Cafe or savor the new brew at Taj? Has it written poems while admiring the peace at town amphitheater or sweat it out on outskirt treks? 

Honestly, I don't know. I see Mumbai in everyone who lives here. Everyone from the beggar on the road to the richest Indian staying in Bombay. I find Mumbai in the food, clothes, attitude and language of all the millions staying here. I see it in the tough yet free life here. 

Yes, I guess this is where Mumbai is. But then again, it is my personal opinion. What is yours?

(Old wrought iron and wooden bench at Bandra Railway station that sparked this article) 




  1. Mumbai to me is a mocktail of all what you said above and more...
    It is the place where I will get the same amount of satisfaction at the end of the day even if I am carrying 50 rupees or 5K. If you are low on cash rush to Juhu and have yum pav bhaji and if you feel pumped up with Vitamin "M" then turn to Colaba-Worli and hit the nearest exotic lounge there.
    Right from Haji Ali, to Sidhi vinayak and Mount Mary; I have seen and been with people from all creeds. :)
    It is always the people that make the city. So right from the Bisleri's pani puri and kulfi to the exotic Taj cakes and back to the chowpatti barf gola; agar ye sab nahi khaya aur jiya toh apna Bumbai mein rehkar kya kiya?? :P
    ~ Blurrii :)

  2. WOW!
    Mumbai is in our hearts.
    And definitely in you & me :)

  3. @Blurrii
    Lovely! I connect to what you are trying to say and I agree wholeheartedly :)

    @Confused Soul
    :) You have a priceless opinion there!

  4. Mumbai is at http://mumbai-eyed.blogspot.com


    Have put in pics what you have in words!

  5. Well captured and somehow i feel i have been there done it all and still lot to explore :D

  6. @M: Yep, that's one reason that I simply love your blog! I think, you have captured Mumbai well :)

    @Ani_aset: Thank you :) Oh yes, the exploration never stops!

  7. Standing right up there with Delhi :)

  8. Mumbai, the beauty of it lies in the fact that, it is anything and everything you want...
    a silent companion, a crazy friend, a lecherous stalker, and yet a vigilant guard...
    Mumbai is what you see, n yet not what it seems to be...

    "Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan
    Zara hat ke, zara bach ke, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan..."

    Salaam Mumbai...


  9. @Eon: True words were never spoken before!

    @Sushmit: Hahaha :)

  10. I believe that it's the people, who this city their home, that make this city what it is. And this is what made me start my blog on this beautiful city - Discovering Mumbai http://discovering-mumbai.blogspot.in/
    Why don't you try it out...

  11. Thanks Swaraj! I will definitely check it out.

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