Life l These days I am

Struggling to write stories in 55 words

Yes, its been days that I have come across a story that precisely fits the limit of 55 words, yet awesomely adheres to 'twist in the tale' principle. It is frustrating how I am able to write a blog post of over 400 words but not a short story of 55 words or even 140 characters. Guess, I just need to wait it out. 

Sneezing non-stop and is burning like a furnace

I am telling you this will bring my end! 

Struggling to complete a writing project

I have been really lazy and busy lately. Lazy, ermm that is a permanent state though busy keeps on visiting. 5 days to write 28 articles. Sigh, how on the earth would I manage? Ok. Done with procrastinating. Lets complete this now! 

Craving to watch #TDKR

No explanation required here. 

Hooked to Do Gallan 

If you are from this part of the world then you must have heard about MTV Coke Studio Season 2. If not then, use Google's and Youtube's help! They are really generous. Across the seasons, this song has got me hooked. It is a conversation among 2 lovers across different regions. It is cheering and endearing yet heart breaking at the same time. You. Should. Listen. To. This. 

Drooling over these awesome posters by Evan Robertson
You should definitely check out his work and buy these. Also, I want support's   take on these lovely posters which says, "If you don't want at least two of these hanging on your wall then we need to have a serious chat.  
Waiting for Thursday to arrive to leave everything and run to Goa! 
A relaxing 4 day vacation with my gang is finally just 5 days away! I am super doooper excited. Woohoo!   
Also having loads of ideas for this blog
Yes, I want to do more with this blog than I am doing right now. Everything is at the planning stage and I am still thinking, discussing, bouncing, thrashing ideas. Though, something is coming up soon! Hope I am able to get a clear idea about what I want to do more and am able to realize it. Wish me luck! 



  1. good luck!! :) and keep posted about the vacation for which you were upto! :)

  2. hmm
    Armaan Kaafi hai , ke Fursat Nahi milti.

    Happens most of the time for me a long time since i wrote over this sphere ..what really matter is the moment which gives ideas grab them n write down ....

    rest all will fall in place.

    take care.


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