Of hook ups and friends. Also, family.

So, Mr. Giant gets in touch today. Hearing from him is a not a regular affair unless it is off course on twitter but having a nice chat on whatsapp? Now that is a first. We have a good chat about how things have changed for us work wise, from boring 'just' social media routine jobs to blimey! this is good shit jobs. Little did I know what was in store for me.

From general chat about work, without me getting an inkling about it, we moved on to my relationship status. Mind you, that is personal but yeah Mr. Giant is one of my besties so well, it is okay. General plans of meeting up, having a get together suddenly take a new turn when Mr. Giant suggests me to meet a friend of his, who is a single and super sweet. That reminds me, few days back Big M&D were talking about some well settled, cultured, single guy whom I should definitely meet. Wonder why, suddenly my friends and family are so eager to hook me up?

These cute and good natured attempts however make me think. Is this one of the ways that we meet new people? How is it different when a friend suggests you to meet someone than when family suggests you the same? Why are we always ready to take risks when it comes to friends while we tread carefully while it is a matter of family? Both the parties are close to us, both always wish the best for us. However, the sense of security is almost always high when it comes to family and degree of freedom is high in case of friends. So, how does security and freedom really matter when it comes to meeting new people in umm 'hooking' matter?

I guess, it all boils down to how a relationship works. In my opinion, relationship is a fine balance of sense of security and degree of freedom. The moment the scales start tipping more towards security, relationship becomes a suffocating habit while in case it slides more towards freedom, the thread of connection becomes thin. The search of obtaining this fine balance is tough and it surely leads to loads of mistakes. With friends, however the situation is kept light. There is no pressure. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it is okay. Unlike family, where every move, word, action, question, habit is scrutinzed as if it is a national concern and judged against the holy matrimonial standards. Here, a wrong move can have a huge impact not only on the involved couple but also the family, the extended family, the local pundit, the community, heck maybe even the nation! Maybe that's why people usually prefer set ups by friends. Atleast, there is less stress. When nothing else works, family is there to take care of everything then why bother? Anyways, they think getting their child married is important just as God is!

While these thoughts were storming in my head coupled with my aggressive efforts at making peace, accepting feelings for Mr. VVIP & moving on, I agreed to Mr Giant's request of meeting his friend. Next step is obviously a blind date, since Mr. Giant's friend doesn't know me and viceversa. Well, that is a topic that I will contemplate, think, brew up some time later. However right now, the pesturing question is this the new way of meeting people?



  1. Hmm...matters are a brewing I see! :) Story of a PYT

  2. ;) Well, that is something that we will come to know sometime in future!


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