We all are indifferent to something in this world. Some of these indifferences are cultivated while some come naturally to us.

The good thing about these indifferences are the they act as a lovely sheild against anything that would have affected badly otherwise, while on the other hand, it desensitizes you further. Why is it that we need this sheild and if we do, why is it that we take desensitization very lightly? 

 We, human beings are a bunch of emotions and contradictions. At one point of time, we want that everyone values what we think and feel while on the other hand we never shy out from being selective. We love to play trial and error with everyone around us but when it comes to ourselves, the gaurds are up. The most interesting fact is that we pride in being sensitive and understanding even when all this while we are always finding ways to escape it.

Good or not, we all need our gaurds. Atleast for the sake of our sanity even when insanity is a bliss. What do you think?



  1. So good written, I totally agree with you have written up there.

  2. Your welcome, I hope to see more posts like these on your blog.


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