Troubled times, foolish measure!

(This article is written for 21 Fools.)  

One day, at my previous work place; the office percolator's heating coil died. Let's observe two minutes of silence for it.  We all consider that it is only a machine and doesn't really need our attention. It always lies there in its place silently serving us tea, coffee and hot water. No one converses with it, no one spends time with it except for those 5 seconds when one is taking coffee/ tea. Such a harsh treatment with such a divine invention. Isn't it unfair? It works just as many hours as we do yet no appreciation is ever bestowed on it. No wonder, it gave up on us and has now left us in lurch. 

The scene in the office was indeed glum. A heavy cloud of disappointment and  dread had settled in the office's atmosphere. How would they have their regular dose of coffee now? How would they face work now without no coffee or tea to support them? How will they procure the divine liquid that soothes all their worries, well, almost. It was indeed a moment of great trouble.  Sad and dejected each of my office colleagues' paid their homage to the percolator and went back to their work stations coming back every 15-20 minutes to check up with the technician hoping for a miraculous revival.

It was close to 11:30am and I just couldn't bear to see my colleagues in such a condition. It was indeed a bad blow to them but I am no technician, what could I have done? Well... I did what I do the best. Foolish things. Things that normally would be met with rolling eyes expression do help sometimes and that's exactly what helped my colleagues! So what was the solution? How was the coffee made? 

Here's the foolish idea: 

1) Spoonful of coffee mix as per person's coffee need in a microwaveable cup. 
2) Mix water in proportion. 
3)  Microwave it for 30 seconds.

Result = Coffee ready! 

The glum mood of office was lifted and everyone was happy. Work was done as normal routine is and the pressure over the poor technician was lifted. Post lunch time, the heater coil was replaced and percolator breathed life again! The conversations near the cafeteria resumed again and so did the laughter.  Everything was back to normal soon and people easily forgot the troubled cloud that had engulfed them in the morning but they did remember one thing, foolish things do work sometimes. I think, you would also agree :) 



  1. Hey Sneha, I really like reading your writings. And many times, I feel like 'This is what I too think' and that makes me close to you and your thoughts. Keep writing interesting stuff :)

  2. never have i read such an interesting story about a coffee machine breaking down.


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