Chal bidu bohot bada break ho gaya ab thoda kaam kiya jaaye! Hello people, it has been a long time since I last wrote about observing and learning from the streets. In case you missed out the article last time, here is the link: Straight from streets (Blog l 21 Fools)  

Last time, we observed the street vendors and learned the simple lessons of marketing from them. This time around let us go a step further and find out the marketing guru in the next least expected person. Who do you think is a superb marketer despite of no exposure of marketing gurus or B- Schools or Neilson report studies or even a business news channel? Still wondering? Aaah, let me kill the suspense before it kills you! She is our very own beloved (Err) next door Auntyji! 

Oh yeah, the loud motor mouth Auntyji who is a first class marketer. She comes in all shapes and sizes; well... actually Shape Zero is seen the most. The moment she shifts into a new society the first thing that she does is either throws a party or visit each and every flat introducing herself and making contacts or joins the Mahila Samiti in their daily morning laughter class or jogging regime. (In marketing terms: Understanding the market and noting observations

The next step would be to attend all the major functions of the society. With hawk eye, focus, notes & absorbs all the gossip, relations, who's who and every possible small detail of the society members. (In marketing terms: Studying the Target Audience

You would then see this smart woman become the local news/gossip/society reporter. She becomes the one who knows it all. Who is flirting with whom, why is Mishraji coming home late, why is Malti not coming to work for days now, what is Lalit doing with his career, how is Khuranaji collecting money for his daughter's dowry etc etc. She is now the one stop shop of all your news. Using this news as a tool, she will start organizing kitty parties in your society, even the society where there is no history of kitty party. It will all start with bhajan-kirtan, Mata ki Puja or some other religious gathering. Once the function is over, she will serve a feast to the attendees and then the gossip show starts. This way, she finally becomes a inseparable part of the Mahila Samiti of the society!  (In marketing terms: Captured the pulse of TG

She is now the one who knows which bachelor is out in the marriage market or is forcibly out due to pressure of parents. Who is shifting in, who is shifting out, what is going on in Kapoor Khandaan's Drama home or who is Sameera now running away with. With all the knowledge, sorry, filtered, tweaked, pepped up knowledge served just the way you want, she is now the unofficial boss of the society! (In marketing terms: Unanimous market leader thanks to fulfilling the supply for the self-created demand.

She is now ready to move on to the next step i.e. be the Yellow pages for your society. References for hotels to hospitals, grocery shops to banquet halls, designer clothes to dhobhi ghat, everything is via Auntyji! Even bittu's nursery admission is now done all thanks to Auntyji's contacts and blessings! Chalo dhok khaao Auntyji ki. (In marketing and economic terms: Complete Monopoly market is established)

Now, she might open her own business from papads to khakaras, Avon's or Oriflames's beauty products to Professional Mehendi, matchmaking to wedding planners or even funeral planners. Auntyji is now sarvo pare! Jai ho Auntyji ki! Who knows, she might even stand for the Municipality ward elections! (In marketing terms : From Monopoly Market to Goodwill so that the next player doesn't stand a chance and is always a shadow in front of the old brand

She is Auntyji and she is here to make you dance on her tunes like a perfect marketer. Are you game? 

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