It would not be too difficult for you to understand what I mean to say or may be it will, again it depends on you and not the world. Gone are the days when you are advised that the whole world is your enemy, that you need to have courage, valor and guts to face the world. That you must be confident and caring to make a place for yourself in this big bad world.

Those days are gone.

Today, the world is not your enemy , the world doesn't create problems for you in your way to success. The world doesn't spoil your fun nor does it get any pleasure out of it. It doesn't have time to do so. It is already absorbed in it's own problems. It will surely laugh at seeing you stumble or mock you for your decisions but it will never come in your way. You will.

It is you whom you have to face, who creates problems, who loves distracting you from your path or making things difficult for you and thus it is only yourself that you need to fight. You are not just a living being. You are  a mutual understanding of various facets,expressions, emotions, beliefs, ideologies and feelings.

You don't have to fight the world , instead you need struggle against yourself. There is  no one better or worse for you in this world other than you. You are the only one that you need to handle. Agreed, it is difficult to face the world but the most difficult thing to do is to face yourself. It is easy to lie to the world but try lying to yourself. Likewise, the easiest thing to do is to prove yourself in front of the world, make them realize your worth but in the same way, it is very difficult to prove yourself worthy in your own eyes.

If this is the case, then why do we waste our time behind the world when we actually have to stand against self, why do we fool the world when we actually just have to make ourselves understand? Why do we try and love the world when we actually just have to maintain balance within our facets? Why?

It all depends on you and only you. It is all your choice.



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