And I cried yesterday, when the whole world was rejoicing the dawn of new year, new opportunities, new joys. 

I cried for the things that are bottled up inside, hurting me, getting accumulated year after year and just making me as stale as the year that went by. I cried for the opportunities lost, relations lost, feelings killed and some wait that never ended. I shed tears for the desires that were never fulfilled and people who never understood and lastly I cried for myself, for I have reached that stage that no decision here is no decision ever.

The memories never let you live in the present. No matter how much you want to. They are the ones that you hold very close to you, they define your existence to a certain extent. I will hold these memories close to me but I will now release all the desires, expectations, hopes. 

I will try to refresh the page of life. I need to.... for the sake of my own sanity.



  1. I agree. Completely.
    And hey, I cried too.
    And I realized it was high time I did.. Cried my heart out, felt a bit better.
    Happy New Year Di!

  2. It does feel better when you cry your heart out and are determined to change :)

    Happy new year, Sweets :)

  3. OMG. The layout is AWESOME!
    Seriously, true love hai jee =D
    I love the moving background. C'est fantastique =D
    P.S Some tips on how to get my hell hole look better when u get free,please?

  4. Thanks a lot, N! Muaah :) Sure sure, I am always all yours for any help, although, I don't know much :)


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