The Handle story of @FlirtingKaapi

Once upon a time, a question vending machine, an emoticon whole-seller, an over-thinker, a slasher, and a joke killer that is me, yours truly was in search of a suitable handle for Twitter. She started out with her blog’s (then) pen name i.e Schizophrenic but got tired of it soon. Thinking that maybe something formal might suit her, she changed it to SnehaSSharma but unfortunately to her utter disappointment there was still a huge void in her life.

In the depth of her depression, she reached out to her one and only true love i.e a hot cuppa of filter kaapi. While doing that, she had @OyeBehenDeTakke for company and together they reminisced her happy days on Twitter.

Suddenly they had a eureka moment! (Sorry to disappoint you but they didn’t actually run around the place nakedSneha punned the love of her life i.e filter kaapi with an activity her thoughts love to indulge in when she is having coffee and aloha came the angelic handle of @FlirtingKaapi. And they lived happily ever after. 

And that my friends, is the story of @FlirtingKaapi. From being just a Twitter handle, it has now become  her virtual persona and on some occasions, her alter-ego as well. Moreover, that's also her name across all the social and communication platforms. 

The above article has been written for The Handle Story blog. They collect interesting stories about interesting twitter handles.



  1. How can a void be created just because of your name? #seriouskoschan
    expecting a playful and sarcastic answer from you and not one from the vending machine.

  2. @83Boy In the new age of twitter not having a suitable twitter name is akin to the END of the world! And you are asking me how it is not a void? :o


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