Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Cabin Fever) by Jeff Kinney

Book : Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Cabin Fever)
Author : Jeff Kinney
Published : 16th November 2011
ISBN : 9780141341880
Publisher : Penguin Books Ltd
Language : English
Category : Juvenile Fiction

Yeah, finally I got my hands on this lovely series by Jeff Kinney. The sad part is that I read the last book first rather than reading in line. However, the book is a masterpiece. It's cute, simple, connects with you at some level and brings back all those good, not so good and bad middle school life memories. Geff who is a simple and cute middle school student is the poster boy of my school life! I wonder how did Jeff spy on my childhood and come up with this book but then I am sure there are many like me who would wonder the same. By the looks of it you might think that it is a book meant for kids and it surely is. It is for all the kids that live deep inside us so stay put for I am here to take you through this interesting book as I saw it. 

It is November in Geff's life and he is not happy about it. After all there is too much pressure involved in holiday season! As rightly put by Geff, mistakes are fine through out the year but any mistake during the Christmas-Thanksgiving period and you have to stress about gifts from Santa. Santa, being Santa rewards only good children. Thinking about this and other embarrassing events that always happen with Geff during holiday season will remind you of all your mistakes due to which you were labelled as the naughty one. Errrr I was always that naughty bad girl throughout my childhood. From weird rituals to old practices, sibling issues to parent stereotypes poor Geff is burdened by all. In addition to the holiday season, Geff discusses his middle school problems, weird play time practices, unique and irritating best friend woes, school and compound bullies, deepest fears with his diary. 

We all must have cheated with our gifts some time or other and hence when Geff does the same, I don't judge him at all! In fact, I feel like telling him its okay kiddo your parents might have done the same! Oh and you must read about his weird craze about some of his toys and computer games, I am sure it will remind you of your current addictions with twitter or other online websites. 

Geff tries hard to be a good kid this November but poor guy that he is unknowingly lands up in trouble big time! The school property is damaged and somehow Geff lands up as the prime suspect even though the poor guys is innocent, I mean kind off. In a surprise chain of events that include blizzard, being trapped indoors, coming face to face with old habits and some weird antics by family, Geff gets stuck inside for holidays! 

It is a lovable read. Simple and sweet with cute illustrations and fonts. The book takes you away from your current tensions making you laugh, worry and think about this cute kid's middle school problems which were once the major problems in all of our lives.  Hilarious must read. Pick up a copy today! 

Rating : 4/5 

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  1. to be honest I've never read this series... not a fan of books of this kind... but I've never seen a bad review of this. Nice review btw, short concise and easy to read...

  2. Thanks V :) It is a lovable series. The weird part is I was skeptical while picking up this book but then I don't regret it :)

  3. The movie is also funny and is a good watch :)

  4. Nice post. I enjoy reading this post. Thanks for sharing. I will keep come back to this site.

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  5. @Philo : I have yet to watch the movie but I am sure it is funny!

    @Travel Guides: thanks a lot :)


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