Everything in life is uncertain, unpredictable and mystic except for chaos.

We feel that being prim and proper is the key to success, being systematic makes life easy and being straightforward makes things simple. However, surprisingly chaos is most systematic. It is most flexible with no rules, regulations, sets or targets. Only space focused only on self and not on things.

Chaos is key to creativity, it opens floodgates to imagination and adds character to persona. It is well defined and helps to gain inspirations from varied sources. Chaos is fun, it fills empty spaces, and adds spunk!

We all need doses of mess and chaos to add color to our lives, since spilling color on paper makes more interesting and colorful paintings than regular point to point additions by the brush.

Chaos it is and chaos it will all be.



  1. Chaos within can make a man do something wonderful or something really terrible!

    A wonderful perspective!


  2. Touche! I completely agree with that.

    Thanks a lot Aurindam :)


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