Musings of a Wanderer - Shreya Chaterjee

Book : Musings of a Wanderer
Author : Shreya Chatterjee
ISBN : 9381205006
Publisher : Power Publishers

For I write, what I see
And speak of
Things I feel.
Thus “Musings of a Wanderer”
Stand true to its name. 

True to the lines mentioned above, Shreya Chatterjee has carved out each poem with her feelings and emotions. Each poem is a gem in its own way & will pull out some or other bundled up memory that is close to your heart.

The words are strung together in such a way that you will feel, see and experience each word. That rainy day, the endless wait, the yearning desire to be free, the sultry gleam in eyes, you name it and that memory is carefully carved here.

Many a times we read to have fun, many a times we read to experience a different world. Shreya's book is to be read to find out yourself, your emotions and the feelings that are lost somewhere in this artificial world.

Each poem is connected to each other and a flow is maintained, however even after being profound, some of the poems seem amateurish. Note that this isn't a negative point, it is more like a raw -ready - to -polish point. The language is lucid without any heavy usage of words.

All in a all, it is a good read on those rainy afternoons with your cuppa of coffee. Have you got your copy yet?

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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