8:30 am - 11:30 am at Mumbai Central

Sometime back, I got a chance to be at Mumbai Central Railway station early in the morning. It is pure pleasure for those who love hum drum of Bombay. Railways really helped me a LOT to experience the morning charm of this lovely station by running the trains 2-3 hours late. 

Along with peeping into my book and observing people, I sneaked in some snaps. 

Presenting Mumbai central :


Hope you like them :)



  1. Sometimes in bust life you forget to stop and enjoy the place/ moment. I never saw the Mumbai Central station so beautiful... probably next time I will wait and try to appreciate it! :)

    Nice work!

  2. Nice!!! :)

    they seem to relax my eyes

    stay blessed ^_^

  3. @Karan : Thanks, I am happy you feel so :)

    @Lumuhuku : :)

    @Shashank : :) Thanks!

  4. I can see why all other pics of the gateway and the station were clicked. I dont understand the umbrella and the bench one.. Why did you take it.. what were you trying to depict.. what were you thinking...what were you trying to show in it?

  5. @xyzandme my clicks never follow a particular theme. If I has to ever categorize them then most of them would have to be put under "Untitled".

    Maybe in the last pic, I was thinking about the rain and the act of waiting for my friend.

    It was pouring heavily there and I was tired of waiting. Maybe this could be what I am trying to project.

    But then again, it is maybe..

  6. The uncertainty of your thoughts is all I wanted to know.
    You don't follow a theme, but there is one.. well atleast it looks like one..... May be a theme follows you..:p


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