Just like in the Movies - Rahul Saini

ISBN-10: 938034919X

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Publishing Date: 11 Oct 2010

Binding: Paperback

Three vibrant characters, differentiated by mentalities, dreams, goals and way of living yet bound by the cord of friendship would explain the lives of Amit, Rishika and Rima, oops Rimz.

Amit’s passion is environment. He believes in safeguarding the precious gift called nature but is frustrated as his job comes in the way of his passion, leaving him terribly confused as to what he should finally do. He also counts himself among the lucky men who have gorgeous and steady girlfriend. When in problem his best way to solve is eat and wonder what it is to have a simple and set life like Rishika is living.

Rishika seems to be a very levelheaded enterprising and mature persona. With a steady boyfriend, interesting job, balanced personal and professional life she has just one aspiration, that to be an acclaimed writer. Life is all set and going for her, still at some point she feels that something is missing. Her solace lies in being a worrying mother to Amit and agony aunt to Rimz.

Rimz, the quirky, lively and fun loving of the lot thinks of herself as a star in making. Working for a flashy job of events management her only complaint with life is the absence of a dashing prince.

They have been pushing through their routine, but as always, things do happen that change the route of life forever. It happened with them, just like in the movies!

The three characters have a strong portrayal, with each of them etching a different unique picture in the mind of the reader. They hit a close nerve with their dreams and goals in life. Anyone in the age bracket of 20+ can relate to their frustrations with routine, better halves, situations, colleagues etc. We all have been confused at some point of time in life as to what we want to do in future. Many of us are still searching for our passion. Hope and despair are constant companions of this age bracket and so is the case with our three protagonists.

They make their way through betrayals, broken hearts, financial crisis, uncertainties, and family tension all the while searching for path to their dreams. Things go terribly wrong, situations have cascading effects on their lives but still even in despair, purity of intentions and hope keeps their dreams alive until the time when they start living their dreams.

The phrase “Just like in movies” is the four word gist of the whole book which is a simple read sprinkled with humor here and there. The extent to which the main characters breathe their dreams and the way the plot turns against the world to help them march towards it, is straight out of movies.

Giving all the characters their own good, bad and irritating facets, the author has thankfully stayed away from being too sugary or too good to be real. The book has a feel good effect to it, but like our Bollywood movies, the plot tends to become a bit predictable even with its twists and turns.

It can be described as a “slice of life” kind of book where situations are leafed out of book of reality and endings are leafed out of Bollywood library. If you call that cliché, trust me, it is a good kind of cliché.

All said and done, it is a simple, no brainer, and breezy read. Do read it once!

Rating: 2.5/5

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  1. your posts are treat for the bloggers. :) And, thanks for the review, now I won't waste my money on this book instead will look for its e-copy.

  2. Hey Rachit, thanks for those generous words.

    I never said that Just like in the movies isn't a good read or a book not worth buying. I said it is worth a read.

    Please don't misinterpret my words!

  3. don't worry:D



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