Big Things

Second part of the story "On her Own"

There he was, sitting at his usual place, staring at Antoinette's paintings. It was his routine, to come here, sit and admire her paintings.There was some thing about her paintings, something that always got him thinking. He was not an art lover, or a painter. He didn't even understand paintings and sketches, still he was spellbound by her paintings. There is always something in her paintings that strikes a chord with him. He heard about her downfall in the newspapers, heard that things are not going fine for her personally as well as professionally. He could understand what she was going through. His own life was no less than hell for him. No one understood his dreams, no one other than her paintings.

Whenever he looked at her paintings, he felt as if she was painting his mind, the chaos, hurt, longing and dreams that are there in it. Her paintings gave him hope, hope that someone is there somewhere who would understand his dreams as he understands Antoinette's. He started penning down song, that which had become his normal routine. Her paintings helped him listen to his inner voice, the voice where songs visit him. Every time he admired her paintings, songs used to visit him. He was just waiting for the day when these songs and his voice would reach the world.

You'll see my face
on the cover of a magazine some day,
You'll hear my voice blaring out your car radio,
Hip hop kids with radio hits,
im trading my  to pop kids,
Broken scenes,
American Dreams with sugar we can

do rock kids,
Imma Imma do big things
du du du big things
I dont care what you say,

what you say,
you can say what you wanna say
I dont care what they say,
what they say,
they can say what they wanna say,

Hey now, you dont know me better,
Bet your gonna know me better,
yeh im only one dream away,
Yeh i look a little dizzy,
But im on a real mission yeh

Take a real long look at my face,

Lets not stop,
The cultures gonna pop,
Im breaking up all the topics,
Signals gone im selling my song,
People already got it,

Imma Imma do big thing,
Imma Imma do big things

If only she knew that there is someone who understands her work and loves it, she would not be so restless. If only she knew that her paintings are my source of inspiration, I am sure it would soothe her chaotic mind as her paintings soothe mine. I hope she doesn't listen to the world and just do things the way she wants to do.


Who would be calling now?

"Hello, Dave?"
"Yeah, speaking"
"Hi Dave, It is Alwin here, from the company. I heard your demo songs and I think I have something that might interest you. When can we meet to discuss about it"
"Anytime Alwin!"
"Great! Can we catch up at 8 at Woody's on the fifth street?"
"Good then, see you there"
"Yeah, bye"

Thanks a lot Antoniette, this is all because of you! If ever in life I get a chance to meet you, that would be "The" day of my life!

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The above post is inspired from "Big things" from Fame, 2009



  1. Hey, Hi
    stories woven behind songs...
    intersting how it shpaes,
    the last straw...


    The Silhouette...

  2. Thanks Eon, when I had started writing the first story i thought it would a 3 part story, I am not sure about the same now, it might go beyond the third part . Lets c :)

  3. @Sneha
    Well, its ur story gal...cut it into n no of pieces... ;)
    ok, on a serious note, the way story shapes up in your mind, sculpt it so..dont let the no. of pieces bother you...

  4. story is going in a smooth phase eagerly waiting for the next post. i loved the poem written .. :)

  5. @some unspoken words : it is a song from the movie "fame" thanks !!!

  6. this is unbelievable.. m awestruck !! specchless after reading it.. no words cud praise it the way u hve molded it ..

  7. thanks a lot latikka! Those words mean a lot to me :)


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